Advertising’s Biggest Event: The Super Bowl

As Patriots and Eagles fans alike prepare for Super Bowl LII, advertisers are gearing up as well.

The game is regularly one of the highest rated television programs of the year, which includes its annual big-budget, celebrity-laden commercial breaks. Despite roadblocks such as a two-year drop in NFL viewership and the recent rejection of an AMVET advertisement, NBC says that advertising rates are still at an enormous high.

In a conference call made available to the press, Dan Lovinger, executive vice president of advertising for NBC Sports, said that a 30-second ad slot during the super bowl will cost upwards of $5 million.

“We’re nearly sold out for Super Bowl LII with only a handful of game units left,” Lovigner said.

As part of an annual trade cycle, NBC Sports will be the lead broadcaster of Super Bowl LII. But new to this year, advertisements are sold with the option of Total Audience Delivery (TAD), which means simultaneous viewing across multiple platforms.

“We’ll have simultaneous coverage across NBC, NBCSN and our digital platforms,” said Lovigner.

Advertisers also have the option of a digital-only package, another first for the network. In fact, Mercedes Benz developed an exclusive smartphone advertisement that features a car giveaway.

All of these updates equal growth for NBC. When NBC broadcast the Super Bowl in 2015, advertisers paid $4.5 million per ad, $500,000 less than they paid this year, making a profit despite the recent NFL setbacks.

“All we’ve seen is enthusiasm for the Super Bowl,” Lovinger said in response to apprehension. “The game itself — it almost transcends the season.”

However, across Twitter many are still voicing their opinions on the game’s advertisements on the NFL itself. The hashtags #BoycottNFL and #BoycottSuperBowl have been continuously trending leading up to the game on February 4.

Regardless of controversy, Lovinger reassured the press there will be a plethora of engaging advertisements this year.

“Advertisers look at this as the ultimate platform to tell a story.”

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