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The Women in Media: Paula Reed Ward

It’s not every day a local newspaper’s reporting results in the national shaming and subsequent resignation of a congressman. But that is exactly what the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette accomplished last week after publishing a story revealing that now-former Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., an outspoken anti-abortion advocate,

TimesTalk: Paul Ryan Wants Tax Reform and a Happy Trump

Despite multiple record-setting hurricanes making landfall, Nazis feeling emboldened enough to march across a major college campus and a seemingly never-ending health care debate,  House Speaker Paul Ryan insisted last week that the United States’ main priority needs to be tax reform. Ryan made his

Did Taylor Swift vote for Trump? The Media Really Wants to Know

The media seems to be preoccupied with the blank space that is pop star Taylor Swift’s political preferences. Outlets from Newsweek to Red Alert Politics have been incessantly speculating about whether Swift voted for President Donald Trump or his Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton, a conversation