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Betsy DeVos Isn’t 6 Years Old, Black, or in the 1960s

Disclaimer: This article contains graphic language. On February 15, a political cartoonist falsely compared a protest hindering Secretary Betsy DeVos from entering a public school to protests hindering Ruby Bridges from attending a white school as a young black girl in 1960. The protests Ruby

The Media Has Fetishized Nudity — Playboy Can Change That

Disclaimer: This article contains graphic language. Playboy, the magazine notorious for innuendo and euphemism, has the opportunity to reinvent the way men see women. With the reintroduction of nudity last week into the Playboy magazine, it can be a leader in creating more body positive

The White House Press Briefings Need an Upgrade

Trump waged a war on the media and truth is getting caught in the crossfire. The first step to mending the wounds of this war is to reduce hostilities at the epicenter of it all: the White House briefing room. The briefing format needs to

Donald Trump’s Bastard Child: Fake News

Trump has taken advantage of the distrust in the establishment, and used his authority to validate fictional stories. With Trump’s support for misinformation, the fake news industry has found great success outshining real news and making its way to politicians’ Twitter feeds. According to a

#RIPVine: For the Culture

We shall mourn the loss of Vine by celebrating all of the goofy, witty, artistic and insightful six-second videos it had to offer. But, more importantly, we will mourn the loss of the voice it gave to black youth. Without this platform, people of color will have

Grabbing Tr**p by the Pussy: Censorship in the Media

Disclaimer: This article contains graphic language. Since the video of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women was released, news organizations have been questioning whether they should publish exactly what he said word for word, obscenity for obscenity. Ultimately, the words he used and how he used