Breitbart, Once Critical of Goldman Sachs, Glosses Over Trump Treasury Nomination

Disclaimer: The following article contains profanity, quoted and maintained from another source.

In an interview last month with The New York Times, Alexander Marlow – editor-in-chief of far-right website Breitbart – said “if [Trump] is going to turn his back on those values and principles that drove his voters to the polls, we’re going to be highly critical.”

Since Trump’s election, they haven’t been.

In the past, Breitbart has roundly criticized investment bank Goldman Sachs, usually in conjunction with criticism of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In July of this year, the site published an article by Marita Noon about Clinton’s energy policies that listed Goldman Sachs as a “Wall Street crony” and heavily implied that it had corrupt ties with Clinton.

The month before, Breitbart published an article on Clinton’s alleged connections to the 2008 housing crisis. The site’s Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein wrote that Goldman Sachs “won big from the mortgage meltdown” and repeatedly made reference to the bank’s connections with Clinton, calling it a “top Clinton campaign contributor which paid the candidate $675,000 in speaking fees.”

Both articles deeply angered Breitbart’s readers. On the housing crisis article, commenter “Ducatist111” wrote “This is what happens when libtards [sic] run the country.. it becomes disastrous..” On the energy policy article, commenter “Deplorable El Sloppo” wrote “When Hillary finally passes away I will buy a plane ticket to wherever she’s buried so I can take a shiit [sic] on her grave.”

Given Breitbart’s highly negative view of the investment bank, it is not surprising that the website has been profoundly critical of alleged connections between Goldman Sachs and major political figures – Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, their son-in-law, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio.

It is safe to say that connections to Goldman Sachs stand against the “values and principles” that Breitbart’s editor claimed to so fervently defend.

As such, one might expect the website to criticize the President-elect’s appointment of Steven Mnuchin, previously a partner and Chief Information Officer at Goldman Sachs, to be Secretary of the Treasury. And yet, they do not appear to be doing so.

Since the appointment was announced, Breitbart writers have published three articles about Mnuchin. In the two articles (found here and here) published after the announcement, the authors bury statements about Mnuchin’s connections to the bank between praises heaped on him by the Trump team.

In one article, titled “Trump’s Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin to Lead Fight on Tax Reform,” Alex Swoyer opens the article by quoting Trump spokesman Jason Miller calling Mnuchin a “world class financier, banker, businessman.” Swoyer then provides a biographical timeline of Mnuchin’s life, including his work at Goldman Sachs, and concludes the piece with another quote from Jason Miller, writing: “There is no better person than Steve Mnuchin’ to help lead the fight on tax reform.”

In the other article, also written by Swoyer, the Goldman connection is briefly mentioned. However, that brief mention is preceded by “graduated from Yale University” and immediately followed by an extensive quote from the President-elect, yet again praising Mnuchin for his financial acumen and deal-making skill.

The third article, written before the official announcement, is slightly more open. It devotes nearly an entire paragraph – though a small one – to Mnuchin’s connections with Goldman. It also mentions Mnuchin’s one-time partnership with George Soros (a liberal business magnate Breitbart has dubbed “Puppet Master” and “Dark Lord”). And yet, even this article concludes with an extensive Trump quote in Mnuchin’s defense.

None of the articles were “highly critical,” as Marlow had previously promised Breitbart would be in such a scenario.

To be fair, Breitbart has published one negative piece about Mnuchin, but it was not written by anyone on Breitbart’s staff. It was re-published from the Associated Press, which several commenters designated as “fake news.”

Breitbart’s apparent hypocrisy on the Goldman Sachs issue is particularly concerning because of editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow’s previous assurance that Breitbart’s “loyalty is to our readers and our values,” in response to the possibility that Breitbart could become an American version of Pravda, a Russian propaganda outlet. Now that Breitbart is clearly abandoning some of those values to defend the President-elect, one wonders if it is possible that Breitbart will indeed become an American Pravda.

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