Feel Like You Can’t Escape Election News? Here’s Why.

The presidential election is seemingly everywhere this year. Every day, it feels like there’s another scandal, another appalling blunder, and another batch of emails that either contain Satanic rituals or risotto recipes depending on the news source.

But has it been worse in 2016 than it has been in the past? Is this election so scandal-ridden that it has dominated the news cycle demonstrably more than past ones? As it turns out, yes.

In an attempt to answer this question, MediaFile has examined a portion of the stories published by The New York Times in October 2008, October 2012, and October 2016. We searched all articles that contain the word “the,” tallied all of those related to the presidential election in each year, and the results were pretty telling.

Infographic: Julia Arciga for MediaFile

Infographic: Julia Arciga for MediaFile

In 2008,  about 8.5 percent of the stories were related to the Obama-McCain election.

In 2012, the number increased to 10.9 percent (a difference of 2.4 percent between the two years) of stories related to the Obama-Romney election.

In 2016, however, the number jumped to 19.0 percent. Put more simply, approximately one-fifth of October 2016 articles were election-related, while approximately one-tenth of articles in October 2008 and 2012 were election-related.

In case you couldn’t already tell, this election is unusual.

Either way, the American people are in need of some well-deserved respite from a hellish election, and that respite is not likely to be found in the pages of the mainstream media. But I can promise you this: this video of a tiny hamster eating tiny burritos contains no references to Trump, Hillary, or anything remotely election-related. We all need a break. Do yourself a favor and watch it.  

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