Fox News Enters the Streaming Race

On Tuesday, Fox News announced plans to launch a paid, stand-alone streaming service called Fox Nation.

Like Fox, several other television channels have launched similar services in order to compete with companies such as Netflix. CBS’s stand-alone streaming service, CBS All Access, which initially only broadcasted sporting events has recently achieved a record-breaking number of new subscribers in a single week. According to the company, the new series, “Star Trek Discovery” has been the biggest driver of their growing share of subscribers.

Additionally, Disney and ESPN–which is a Disney subsidiary–also announced plans to launch its their own streaming service by 2019.

Given the significant investment costs to establish a stand-alone streaming service, several TV networks have chosen to license their content to streaming sites such as Hulu. However, Fox’s plan to launch a stand-alone streaming service signifies the increasing demand from consumers to hand-select the content they watch as opposed to purchasing a cable package.

“With our traditional cable viewership at an all-time high, we are proud to announce a new digital offering geared entirely toward the Fox News superfans, who represent the most loyal audience in cable, if not all of television,” said John Finley, Fox News’ SVP of development and production, in a press release.

Finley continued, saying that the “initiative will capitalize on providing that viewer, who is among the most affluent and well educated in cable, with a highly specialized content experience on a platform they can watch anytime, anywhere.”

Though there will be many similarities to Fox News, the company expects to hire several new anchors and commentators to amplify Fox Nation.

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