The Highlights of CES in the Media

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which considered the premier trade show for technology, generated a lot of buzz last week. Media outlets covered everything from the best teen tech products to the most important keynotes.

What is even more interesting, however, is the variety of news publications that wrote about the event, from mainstream news organizations to small tech-focused outlets.

There was a vast quantity of news on what people saw at CES. CNET, a large tech website, created a “survivor’s guide” to CES from its perspective.

CES wraps up and CNet reflects on the products advertised

Other, more mainstream financial news sites like Forbes highlighted the most important up-in-coming tech products like Wi-charge, a system that facilitates wireless automatic transactions, allowing you to walk in and out, buying your products just by having your cell phone, Dojo and Amimon.

Forbes headline highlights products for their readers to enjoy

Other mainstream national outlets covered the logistics of the event. USA Today went as a far as to highlight Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s keynote speech.  

The USA Today article examines Krzanich’s speech

Other stories, especially those from smaller publications, were willing to spotlight products for more specific audiences like teens and professionals. Some, like Quartz, targeted those in the marketing field, detailing the quirkiest slogans discovered at CES while Mobi Health News wrote for an audience of new parents, highlighting the top baby health products of 2018.

The Quartz headline from CES

CES has products for everyone as shown in this Mobi Health News article

The wide and varying amount of media coverage across numerous platforms proves the significance of the tech conference for both small trade publications and media organizations with a large national viewership.

CES twitter reflects on the conference

At its core, CES highlights the importance of the consumer electronics industry. But possibly more importantly, the onslaught of CES coverage brings the industry that plays such a major role in our economy and day-to-day lives to the public’s attention through vastly different news organizations and perspectives.

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