How Will Facebook-Exclusive Shows Fare in the Modern Era?

This month Facebook debuted its first set of programming.  The lineup included news from ABC News, Advance Local, ATTN:, CNN, Fox News, Mic, Quartz and Univision.

Programs included ABC’s “More in Common,” which shows people from various backgrounds coming together in unique and interesting ways.

“With deep connections in the local communities we serve, our stations are uniquely positioned to source and share stories of Americans defying the odds to come together around a common purpose,” Wendy McMahon, president of ABC Owned Television Stations Group, said in a statement.

However, that show and others have had a rocky start according to an article. Facebook is having a hard time finding an audience and a style of show that works on social media.  Anderson Cooper’s “Full Circle” struggles to connect with audiences in a series of very short pieces. “Fox News Update” suffers from a similar problem as the flashy news programming seems crowded and uninviting via its new platform.

Despite these hiccups, Facebook is hopeful this new platform can work. The effort, in part, is fueled by its campaign to “demote” fake news spread throughout the website. Facebook has come under fire for allowing publishers that have repeatedly spread misinformation, such as Infowars, to continue to post on Facebook. “With connecting people, particularly at our scale, comes an immense amount of responsibility,” said an unidentified Facebook executive in an 11-minute documentary about Facebook’s fight against misinformation.

By encouraging news sites of varying political leanings to post Facebook-exclusive content, Facebook hopes to rebrand the site; however, Some critics point out that Facebook’s first wave of ‘trustworthy’ news shows sure includes a lot of Fox News.

Facebook-exclusive programming is still in its maiden month and there are likely many more changes to come. Shows will have to find their audience through social media or “go viral” to be worth the investment.  Facebook hopes this push for more news content will help replenish their image and give viewers more trust in Facebook again.

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