Inauguration and Protests 2017: Where to Watch

The dates January 20th and 21st have been on everyone’s minds for a long time – and we’re finally here. On Friday, the inauguration for President-Elect Donald J. Trump. On Saturday, the highly-anticipated Women’s March on Washington.

The inauguration celebrations kicked off Wednesday night, with the incoming administration celebrating with the Vice President-elect’s Inaugural Dinner.

The scene was a little bit different over at the Vice President-elect’s residence, where about 200 people gathered to protest Pence’s anti-LGBT+ views in front of his home at a “Queer Dance Party“:

The events are only going to ramp up from here on out – either for the better or worse. Here’s a complete list of where to watch and get the latest details:

Official Inaugural Festivities:

Cable and network news will be covering the official Inauguration Day events – from swearing-in, to the parade, and the Inauguration Balls in the evening.

At 9:30 AM ET, unnamed musical acts will perform, following opening ceremony remarks starting at 11:30 AM. The swearing-in for Vice President-elect Pence will begin at noon, with President-elect Trump immediately after Pence. The Inauguration Parade and Inaugural Balls will follow into the late afternoon and Friday evening.

NBC, CBS, Telemundo, C-SPAN, Bloomberg, and the Washington Post will be livestreaming the day’s events on their respective YouTube channels. Twitter recently partnered with PBS NewsHour for a livestream on the social meida site as well. Websites like White House Live, Politico and Democracy Now! will be livestreaming as well.

For traditional TV coverage, all the major networks will be carrying the days events. CNN begins their coverage at 5:00 AM (livestreaming on website starts at 6:00 AM), CBS will be starting coverage at 7:00 AM, NBC will start at 10:00 AM, and Fox will begin at 11:00 AM – with all outlets following the day as it unfolds.

Protest Information and Coverage:

A handy-dandy megachart has been circulating the internet of information on D.C. inauguration protests (anti and pro-Trump). Lots of pieces have been written on the Women’s March, where an estimated 200,000 people are expected to attend, but other protests are to be had on Inauguration Day and the days surrounding the 20th – most notably, the rally conducted  by Bikers for Trump.

Live updates are no doubt going to be circulating social media – but steady updates are going to be coming from Alejandro Alvarez, who will be covering D.C. protests throughout the week via Twitter, and Erielle Delzer, who will be streaming live from the Women’s March and other events on Periscope.

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