#MFDebates: The 10 Best Media Tweets

Twitter newsfeeds were moving at lightning speed during Monday night’s record-breaking debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But, amongst all the noise, what were some of the best 140-characters-or-less moments of the night?

Between a heavy scouting of “Media Twitter” and our hashtag #MFDebates, we’ve compiled our top 10 tweets of the night listed below:

1.  The consistently interrupted women of the world strike back:

2. Even though Dulles is a pain to get to, we’re pretty sure it’s still half-decent:

3. The Donald taking Twitter hits, even when he’s on the defensive:

4. When media pundits get shout-outs on the debate stage:

5. An opportunity sadly missed:

6. When you have to allow a certain amount of time for sniffles:

7. Lewinsky was not mentioned, BUT Rosie O’Donnell was!

8. The fact-checkers of the world have a big job ahead of them:

9. Hillary was keen to use campaign slogans on Monday. Trump however…

10. A woman’s beauty and looks? Sure. But what of her stamina?

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