#MFDebates: The 15 Best Veep Debate Tweets

With a mere 37.2 million viewers, the VP debate was far from the most important event during the 2016 campaign. Despite small viewership, Twitter took it upon themselves to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. After a thorough search of “Media Twitter” and our hashtag #MFDebates, the 15 funniest, most true and more relatable 140-character thoughts have been complied below.

1. Starting the night off with a quick jab at Gov. Pence:

2. Some first impressions:

3. It’s important to set realistic expectations:

4. Twitter gave the VPs some solid advice:

5. That time Pence started his own university:

6. When Twitter knew what Elaine was really asking:

7. Mike might have to get his hands on a dictionary:

8. When the zinger comes back to zing you:

9. *Flashbacks to the first presidential debate*

10. Guys, don’t worry, they’ve got a plan:

11. Elaine is the only one who understands us:

12. Mike trying to be relatable again:

13. Twitter wondered if everyone had done their job correctly:

14. Check out who was trying to slide in the VP debate DMs:

15. Let’s all remember who the real winner was tonight:

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