#MFDebates: The 18 Best Media Tweets for the Second Presidential Debate

In what became the most tweeted debate ever, America could tell from the beginning that the gloves were coming off for this one. We’ve compiled the the 18 funniest, most true, and most relatable 140-character thoughts below:

1. We started by realizing that Anderson wasn’t messing around. 

2. Things started out rough.

3. #NewTrendAlert

4. We have a plan B for Trump if this whole election thing doesn’t work out.

5. Cheers to the “silent audience”

6. Return of the sniffles!

7. Breitbart with the kill shot.

8. Peter K came out of the woodwork.

9. Everybody thought this was on their screen.

10. Towel Whip?

11. What is the nature of the Trump/Putin relationship?

12. Bigly or Big League?

13. Bill Clinton, man of the people.

14. What was with all the pacing?

15. *Zinger*

16. We all know Donald’s favorite form of communication.

17. Poor Ken Bone.

18. Carl Pulling out the ‘awwws’

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