IFJ Unveils New Global Insurance Coverage for Journalists

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) recently collaborated with Insurance for Journalists to launch a scheme of flexible, low-cost protection plans for freelance reporters and media personnel who struggle to find insurance when reporting at home or abroad. IFJ’s new insurance plans, announced just last

Reporting on Genocide: the Rohingya Case

Since the rise of Myanmar’s Buddhist government in 2012, there has been greater conflict between the country’s Rohingya Muslim population and its government. The conflict prompted the rise of a Muslim insurgency called the Faith Movement which has consistently clashed with the  Myanmar military. Recently,

What the Media Missed About the Women’s March

Newsfeeds and television screens across the country are being inundated with images from the Women’s March on Washington and and its sister marches in cities across the country on January 21. While news sources largely frame the march as a victory for all women, they