“Genuine Good Fun”: How Fox News Pissed Off the “Docile Asians”

Earlier this month, Fox News riled up the Asian-American community with a jaw-dropping episode filled with “light-hearted” racist innuendos. “The O’Reilly Factor” segment, titled “The Chinatown Edition,” was supposedly inspired by the myriad of times that “China” was mentioned during the first presidential debate. In

#MFDebates: The 15 Best Tweets from the Final 2016 Debate

The third, and final, presidential debate of the 2016 election just ended and as expected, Twitter was nothing short of booming. From gifs to quotable one-liners, and policy fact-checks to tactful meme employment – the internet was in full swing. From the #MFDebates team, here

The BizBeat – October 20, 2016

Each Thursday, MediaFile’s Business section publishes The BizBeat, an overview of the past week’s news in media organizations and industry. Have a tip, see something we missed, or want to put something on our radar? E-mail Shiplett@Mediafiledc.com. Making Headlines Among this election cycle’s many startling revelations

Is the Media Stumbling on Immigration Coverage?   

Immigration reform has been a hot topic during this election cycle. With both presidential nominees presenting very different plans for the betterment of our current deportation system, it is clear that the issue is far from being resolved. Traditionally, when people think about illegal immigration and