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Inauguration Day 2017: In Pictures

January 20, 2017: Hundreds of thousands of people descended on Washington, D.C. on a damp Friday to watch Donald Trump’s inauguration – or to protest it. The Capitol Building at sunrise before the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. Workers clean seats below the Capitol dome.

What the Media Missed About the Women’s March

Newsfeeds and television screens across the country are being inundated with images from the Women’s March on Washington and and its sister marches in cities across the country on January 21. While news sources largely frame the march as a victory for all women, they

The Week in Multimedia – January 23, 2017

The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and The Atlantic round out our top picks for this week. The Washington Post – How Trump’s inaugural speech differed from past presidential addresses This graphic from the Washington Post examines inauguration speeches of