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Op-ed: Finding the True Voice of ‘S-Town’

For many Southerners, the new podcast S-town feels like coming home. It starts with the drawl. Whether your hometown is a big city, or the smallest, one-stoplight corner of the world, you know at least one person with that sticky, sweet, distinctively southern drawl. It’s

Major Changes Ahead for American Public Media’s Marketplace

“Let’s do the numbers.” *jazz music* Public radio fans will be familiar with this intro. It is a staple of Marketplace, a portfolio of business and economics news programs heard on public radio stations and podcasts. Reaching more than 13 million listeners weekly, Marketplace shows

Politico Turns to Panoply for Listeners and Sponsors

Politico announced earlier today that it has joined forces with Panoply, Slate Magazine’s podcasting network, to stream its podcasts Off Message and Nerdcast. In the announcement Politico’s President, Poppy MacDonald, said, “this partnership will make it easier for our listeners to tune in each week, as