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The White House Press Briefings Need an Upgrade

Trump waged a war on the media and truth is getting caught in the crossfire. The first step to mending the wounds of this war is to reduce hostilities at the epicenter of it all: the White House briefing room. The briefing format needs to

‘Rigged’: How the Media Became an Enemy

“Rigged.” It’s a word we’ve been hearing a lot. From who? Trump. To whom? Towards the media itself. In the weeks leading up to the final debate and the election itself, the media – whose job is to shine the spotlight on the candidates –

Op-ed: In Defense of Cyril Almeida

On October 10, 2016, the Pakistani government placed a reputed and well-known columnist on the “Exit Control List,” banning the journalist from leaving Pakistan. The journalist was Cyril Almeida, who, only four days earlier, had published a widely-circulated article on a closed-door meeting of national