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The Politicization of the Super Bowl

The Presidential election was a gift to news networks this year, which Fox News proved by bumping ESPN out of the top spot for most watched cable news network. Sports and politics share a language according to the BBC, and this the bubbling post-election atmosphere

The Week in Multimedia – February 6, 2017

The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times round out our top picks for this week. The Atlantic – Americans at Work: Returning Veterans This photo essay from The Atlantic depicts the lives of veterans as they return to life as civilians in

Gender Equality in Sports Reporting is Still a Hail Mary

There aren’t many surprises expected for Fox’s Sunday broadcast of the 51st Super Bowl. Amidst a tumultuous political climate that brings new surprises and news updates daily, there’s one thing viewers can expect to see when they turn on their TVs this Sunday, and that’s