“The Voice on Snapchat” Disappears Too

Snapchat just wrapped up hosting “The Voice on Snapchat,” a short form video series for NBC’s “The Voice.” This marked a step towards enticing advertisers and publishers to produce more professional content for the popular social networking app.

NBC’s “The Voice,” a singing competition with celebrity mentors, has always embraced social media. For the show, home audience members can vote for contestants by texting or tweeting at the show with a given hashtag for the artist they support.

And now, the show is using Snapchat to give hopeful competitors a chance to win over audiences over the app.

When Snapchat users opened their “Discover” page on Monday, “The Voice” was the first story they could tap to watch. The short video had each celebrity coach introducing their competitors and a small clip of the contestant singing.

The series listed the contestants, and allowed users to swipe upwards to vote for his or her favorite. The selected singer would then appear on screen, thanking the user for voting. Users never had to leave the app, open anything new, or even type a word.

Snapchat Discover – still a relatively new feature meant to bring users outside their friend networks – often uses the swipe up feature to show longer forms of content (articles, recipes, etc.) or to reveal new, related content.

The content also featured a brief commercial for Toyota, “the first marketer to take advantage NBC Universal’s advertising offering on Snapchat,” as reported by Automotive News.

The Snapchat series winner was announced via Twitter during a live television episode, but the episode itself failed to mention the Snapchat series at all.

If you were not following along with their Twitter, congested with replies, retweets, and promises to follow back, you might not have even known a finalist had been selected. Or, even that there was a competition on Snapchat at all.

There’s hardly any coverage of the winner, either. Even a quick search of “The Voice on Snapchat” just turns up articles about the show being announced, and two articles about Toyota becoming the auto sponsor for the show.

In addition to the lack of mentions during the live show itself, there was a minimal social buzz surrounding the Snapchat effort. The show tweeted when a new “episode” of the Snapchat series was live on the app – some mentors retweeted – and there was the hashtag #TheVoiceOnSnapchat. But beyond that, it failed to generate much buzz.

Previously, the mentors posted Snapchat videos supporting contestants in the series. But, being Snapchat, these videos are nowhere to be found now…not even on NBC’s website.

The page for “The Voice” makes no mention of the Snapchat competition at all. It disappeared, like one, ephemeral snap.

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