It’s Time to End the Joe Rogan Experience

Throughout his thirty year career in entertainment, Joe Rogan has earned a legion of fans as the host of Fear Factor, the voice of the UFC, and through his appearance on MADtv. But despite these roles, he’s mostly known as the host of the highly successful Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which is the eighth most downloaded podcast of any category.

In the years since his podcast debuted, Rogan has become one of the most influential celebrities in the United States, with Rolling Stone going as far as naming him, “The 21st Century Timothy Leary.” While many would claim that Rogan’s podcast is pure entertainment, Rogan’s rhetoric and choices of whom to associate his podcast with are harmful to his listeners and promote hysteria among his audience.

Throughout his podcast’s history he, along with various guests, have constantly discussed and have given credence to various conspiracy theories. Rogan has proclaimed on his podcast that he believed that the Apollo astronauts did not land on the moon, that the United States government was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and that the government found aliens in Roswell, New Mexico.

In addition, Rogan has spent countless hours dissecting the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, providing various theories to who was truly behind the attacks and even saying, “I’ve got to go with controlled demolition, if I had to, one way or the other. I absolutely don’t know. But I would not be surprised if it was proven that it was a controlled demolition.”

By giving legitimacy to these conspiracy theories amongst others, Rogan is encouraging the “fake news” movement and is essentially telling his audience not to trust anything that is generally accepted as true.

Rogan, whether he is aware of it or not, is promoting alt-right figures and their ideology through his podcast. His list of guests include Alex Jones, Milos Yiannopoulos and Steven Crowder, all of whom have espoused rhetoric that is factually inaccurate and who deliberately instill fear or hatred for their own benefit.

Rogan disclosed his fondness for Alex Jones in a discussion with Steven Crowder by saying he is an interesting and entertaining person. This description is a seal of approval to a man who actively promotes theories that tragedies such as Sandy Hook and the Las Vegas shooting are false flag operations by the United States government in order to hoodwink his audience into buying marked up products sold directly by Jones himself, as seen in John Oliver’s piece about his methods.  

Rogan is playing right into the alt-right’s hands by providing a platform that humanizes them and instead of fact checking their ludicrous statements, he allows them to espouse their beliefs to his audience, thereby lending his guests credibility and an audience to preach to.

By doing this consistently he is pushing their vile messages closer and closer into the mainstream and contributing to their acceptance into the social media world. His viewers have become susceptible to illogical, xenophobic and hateful rhetoric because Rogan gives people like Jones and Yiannopoulos a platform where they will not be challenged and called out for their words and behavior.   

In the wake of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s mass “fake news” message it is imperative that we call out organizations and people who repeatedly undermine the truth for their own benefits. Joe Rogan, inadvertent as it might be, is contributing to the narrative that all media is filled with gross misinformation and deceit. All this serves to do is further damage the public’s trust in institutions and the truth itself.

151 thoughts on “It’s Time to End the Joe Rogan Experience”

  1. Tyler N says:

    This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read, you clearly do not listen to all of his podcasts and clearly are portraying his views wrongly

  2. Cyber Soul says:

    How dare he be a platform for a spectrum of ideas rather than being a leftist mouthpiece like he should be?

  3. Thomas Kuhn says:

    Do you listen to his pod cast you moron – I listen daily and yes he has had those controversial figures on his show – but when he see them going a little to far or disagrees he calls them out. This article is FAKE NEWS and I plan to bring it to Joe’s attention. I think Joe has always worked had to show all sides and explain his views are based on the left and I feel his views are heavily libertarian.

  4. The truth says:

    Eat a penis. Rogan doesn’t need to change a thing. The DC pedo ring is 100% truth and so is most of the topics he discusses. Rogan knows his stuff and can quote his sources. Stop trying to censor the truth. Besides it’s entertainment!!!!!

  5. Jason says:

    Your entire “piece” is filled with inaccuracies. From your Madtv reference to his belief in conspiracy theories is incorrect. You attempted to make Rogan appear in a bad light, but you just made yourself look pretty foolish & a horrible “journalist”. Good day sir!

  6. Joe Jesse says:

    This story pure shit. Do some actual research before you spew your horrible story.

  7. Fatuous Blowhard says:

    “humanizes them”…uh, they’re humans

  8. Benji Espinosa says:

    Another thing Gioia, this new chemical attack on Syria is aLao a false flag and everyone knows it. You want to go to WW3? Just keep writing what your bosses keep telling you to write, tool.

  9. Tyler says:

    Imagine someone wrote an article about ending your career, because you talked about things you didn’t agree with, or scared you.

  10. J'Quise says:

    You are commie fascists. It’s time to end your platform which is unamerican and an affront to free speech. The time for your commie ideas is running out and it is fun to watch you people panic.

  11. KReid says:

    You’re an idiot if you think he is pushing alt right views

  12. Grundelz says:

    YOU end it. That’s how freedom works. JRE an entertaining show that refuses to denounce anyone’s theories, even eddie bravo’s flat earth stuff. Joe strongly disagrees with Eddie on this, but let’s him make the argument. This make the round earth truth stronger as flat earth theory doesn’t hold up under investigation. That’s what these long format interviews are. Discussions wjere there is enough time to investigate the thoughts and ideas of the guests. If you do not like it, you can stop watching. Shoot, you can even make money writing articles about how noone should be able to watch JRE. Jon Oliver has factually misleading statements weekly, kimmel misleads people using his own children as political fodder… should these be canceled as well? I don’t think they should, I just don’t watch them. That is how being an adult works.

  13. Mark Aitch says:

    If you actually listened, you wouldn’t have written this. Lol. You’re too sensitive and don’t understand regular guy talk so you need him to stop. That is hilarious. Anyway. Watch entertainment tonight or something.

  14. Kenneth says:

    I’m a very outspoken “critic” (to put it very nicely) of Crowder. I cannot stand the guy and his regressive views.

    But at the same time I also cannot stand people like you – the author of this piece. Regressive right or regressive left – it doesn’t matter. People like you are a large reason of why Trump got elected. If we want to beat Trump (and Republicans) – a task that should be way easier than it currently is – we need to beat people like you first. The left needs to become the reasonable party again. Not the party of constantly hysterically triggered post factual regressives.

  15. William says:

    Wow close minded much? Seems like you just don’t like his viewpoints or the fact he gives his guest a platform to speak. It’s a podcast you that! His guests have included Neil Degrasse Tyson, Dan Florian, Jordan Peterson and many more great minds. Just seems like another leftist who doesn’t agree with something and wants to shut down someone else’s voice. Grow up.

  16. Zeke says:

    So u want to suppress rogans free speech cuz u don’t like it? You call yourself a journalist?

  17. Dennis says:

    Dude, you are fake news. Why don’t you list his last 100 guests, not just the few you don’t agree with. Nothing I read in this article was in context or complete. But I definitely think you’re spot on with silence anyone who I mildly disagree with approach to life.

  18. Josh says:

    And over the years if you actually listen, he has softened or completely changed stances on most of what you brought up. Now he’ll barely will talk about half of that stuff. In fact it was Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance on the JRE that partially led to his downfall, because he seemed to endorse molestation. So maybe try listening to more than a few cherry picked bits, from a few cherry picked episodes.

  19. mark says:

    Joe Rogan is the man and you are a brainwashed fucking dumb cunt. Oh what you dont like different opinions than yours. Guess what!! THE POWERFUL JRE ISNT GOING ANYWHERE. Open your brain up you piece of shit

  20. Mike says:

    Light on evidence. You added quotes about 9/11, that was good. But, not a single piece of evidence to support the 10 other claims you made. Shame on you.

  21. Gerald Williamson says:

    That’s right, silence those with views/beliefs/opinions that are different than yours. Where is your outrage over Salon magazine glorifying pedophilia? You’re not asking for it to be silenced. Just the stoner guy’s podcast. Nothing truly influential….just a podcast.

  22. Grown Up says:

    Matt. You are a moron. After you graduate from college and get out of your like minded liberal college campus bubble full of hippie, tree hugging, snowflake, pussys… And after you grow up and realize how wrong all of your professors and friends are. Oh and when you are old enough to have actual like experience and can form ideas if your own. Then, maybe, you might have something to say that isn’t recycled left wing retardation.

    Until then you should probably stop trying to influence anyone.

  23. Scott Sabo Sr says:

    Your opinion. I’ve sat and watched The news across the country and literally heard the same broadcast word for word from one coast to another Mr Orwell. Why are you so afraid of a different opinion than yours?. Your a sheep hearder

  24. Scott says:

    You glossed over tens of thousands of hours and cherry picked several topics that remain open to debate and is not settled science or settled engineering or settled history. Alt right????? Jesus man did you miss a whole lot of stuff in this short hit piece.

  25. Trey Harrington says:

    Once again, another left leaning person wanting to shut down the free speech rights of someone they don’t agree with politically. Joe Rogan is a pretty liberal in his political views, he’s also very open minded and will listen to all sides of issues . Contrary to your article, he does question and challenge outrageous statements by his guests and asks them explain their self. Unlike the media, he doesn’t put labels on everyone he disagrees with , nor does he put them in this or that category. Joe let’s his viewers see his guests as individuals and let’s them speak without categorizing them and editing what they say to paint them into something they are not , like the MSM likes to do. With that being said, he’s not the media, he’s entertainment, but he does a lot better job of interviewing people then the MSM does. Also, he and some of his guests party down, and some of the shows do get out there as far as topics go…,,he’s an entertainer. I’ve seen the show with Alex Jones and Milo and he does challenge them. It kills me seeing the hypocrisy of the left wanting to shut down everyone they disagree with. I’ve seen cnn let 17 year old David Hogge get up on their network and spew all kinds of bs without being challenged, I assume it’s because they agree with his politics. Do you think cnn’s Reliable Sources should be shut down, too? My guess is no, because you agree with their politics. CNN gives washed up kkk member, David Duke a platform. …only to stir racial tensions , in my opinion , by trying to give him relavence. . Are you going to call them out? Fox does the same thing but with a conservative slant . The MSM has lost sight of their jobs, which is to give us the news without left or right leaning spin to it, but politics have become so tribal, it seems impossible for the MSM to do. This has opened the door to the citizen, you-tube/Twitter journalist that MSM hates, looks down upon, and in my opinion is jealous of. These citizen journalists are who Sinclair was talking about when they give their “fake news warning”, which is laughable as most people these days know that the MSM is the real fake news . Is it time to end msm? Sounds as rediculous as your question. Quit trying to shut down opposing views…..

  26. Brandon says:

    Free speech is bad, got it.

  27. Joe says:

    If that ia your take away from the JRE you either dont watch them, or are so deluded it is scary. Cant believe people with your thought process exist.

  28. M says:

    Is this for real? Are you legitimately discussing why you should end some ones free speech? Am i being trolled by even reading your article? What are you really talking about? Do you work for Sinclair? So strange.

  29. Jimmy says:

    I like how the author lumped Crowder in with Alex Jones. Anyone who has actually watched both will know they’re vastly different in both content and delivery. Typical leftist: these ideas are different than mine, so they mist be shut down. Hey, here’s an idea, why don’t you offer a compelling counter point? If your ideas are so great, start a podcast and gather an audience?

  30. Grace says:

    You realize that your whole argument boils down to, “I don’t like what he has to say, therefore he needs to be banned”

  31. James says:

    Nonsense. Rogan had stated numerous times that Alex Jones is out there, while also stating that Jones has broken news that absolutely turned out to be true. As far as his conspiracy talk goes, he constantly chastises guests for absurd claims and the inability for them to provide solid proof. Had the author listened to the JRE? Joe had an opinion on the Apollo missions and changed his stance once he sat and talked with Neil Tyson who, educated Joe on why his belief in a fake moon landing was wrong. They discuss opinions in the show which, everyone is entitled to and more times than not, after giving those opinions and doing more research, Joe amends his errors.

  32. Heath says:

    Umm I’m guessing you have listened to the cherry picked clips proving your theory not the podcast at whole. I am also assuming you forgot or simply discarded the fact that Joe has also interviewed individuals of the left including founder of the TYT network when in it’s early days. As well as the founder of vice news Shane Smith you accuse him of fake news while failing to lay out all the facts for your readers. Interesting very interesting.

  33. Adam says:

    What a completely biased article. Nothing in this article accurately shows what Joe’s podcast is really about. 0/10. Would not article again.

  34. Henri Paszkiewicz says:

    Instead of asking for an end to something. Why not create something better.

  35. Joshua Smith says:

    Trust government. They would never lie to you.

  36. Dan says:

    Wow this is a very weak and pathetic attempt at a hit piece. Anybody who pays attention at all to what Rogan says would immediately recognize this article to be complete garbage and utterly hypocritical, since you accuse Joe of “undermining the truth” yet that is exactly what you’re doing to him with this high school level essay. I could really sit here and break down how every paragraph is wrong. I could mention all the times Rogan explained that Alex Jones is his friend but knows he’s crazy and HEAVILY CRITICIZED HIS THEORIES ON SANDY HOOK, ETC. I could mention how Rogan changed his stance on many of those conspiracy theories over time, as most people know by now. But I’m sure you know what you’ve done. Your argument is just too weak and pathetic that it kills itself. And no wonder it’s so short, because your point sucks. I would say nice try but it wasn’t even a good attempt. Go write about something else.

  37. Daniel Nepsha says:

    You’re wrong

  38. Alex Getten says:

    This article is ridiculous. By paraphrasing you have altered the view of Joe Rogan’s comments. Yes, he is friends with that moron, Alex Jones, but Rogan has stated MANY times that he 100% does not agree with Jones when he states that events such as Sandy Hook are fake; in fact he criticizes Jones for such comments. And for every alt-right guest he has, he discusses his views with them, despite not agreeing with their views. So before you paraphrase in attempt to criticize someone, maybe add whole quotes so that readers can get the full story. Idiot.

  39. Jeffa says:

    Get off your leftist high-horse, i could say the same about CNN and MSNBC who allow people to go on their and spout lies about Trump and Russia collusion (where is the evidence??) Or how those same platforms give someone like Maxine Waters a stage to voice her crazy impeachment rhetoric against a sitting president. How is that not giving their viewers skewed, baseless info…like i said, get off your leftist high horse.

  40. Guy who hates bunk News sources says:

    Poopy artical written by a poopy leftest, as u can see he clearly states in his artical that Joe “pemotes right wing or conservative ideals.” Oooooh nooo the world’s ending someone’s into right wing conservativism. What a joke. And the autor, even with this extensive and exhausted research made a conclusion, that any person that actually watches his how can tell u, he’s definitely not conservative or right wing. But a keyboard warrior such as this articals author is no journalist, just a sensationalist, ironically just like the person this artical is about. I clicked on this silly artical because or the tital of the artical. What a mistake I made. Mediafile is NOT a news site that reports truth wrapped in bunk. And Matt Gioia is not a journalist, or at least a good one. Probably why he works for Mediafile and not a real news agency like CNN, MSNBC, or Fox. Laugh out loud, because yes it was that funny it needed to be spelled out.

  41. Tim Rogentine says:

    What a poorly referenced article. Ryan has many guests from all walks of life. This article makes it seem Rogan is running an alt-right podcast that is a proponent of fake news.

    Rogan has the belief that his listeners are smart enough to recognize BS when they hear it. In my opinion, we don’t need publishers and broadcasters to put out only safe, PC material. If that happened, we would never be challenged in our views and would no longer experience any growth of intellectual thought.

    Thanks to Rogan, I can see this article is BS.

  42. Chris says:

    You’ve essentially cherry picked a small handful of older podcasts of his. Funny you didn’t mention the doctors or scientists he’s had on. He has over 1,000 episodes of JRE and yet you picked 10 of which to base an attack on.

  43. Stephen says:

    This person is obviously cherry picking information to fit the opinion he formed some time ago. What Joe Rogan is trying to “push” is the concept of critical thinking. By giving a platform to Alex Jones and Steven Crowder he lets his very left leaning audience hear for themselves how many holes their ideas have in them. And Joe has said as much on multiple occasions, if this opinion giver were to bother to do his research instead of falling down the wrong YouTube rabbit hole, which we’ve all done, and never coming out of the other side. Matt Gioiais just part of the problem…

  44. Stephen C. says:

    This person is obviously cherry picking information to fit the opinion he formed some time ago. What Joe Rogan is trying to “push” is the concept of critical thinking. By giving a platform to Alex Jones and Steven Crowder he lets his very left leaning audience hear for themselves how many holes their ideas have in them. And Joe has said as much on multiple occasions, if this opinion giver were to bother to do his research instead of falling down the wrong YouTube rabbit hole, which we’ve all done, and never coming out of the other side. Matt Gioiais just part of the problem…

  45. JB says:

    Clearly you have never listened to the podcast Matt.

  46. John Epperson says:

    Obviously you have never listened to the podcast. Really feel if you are going to write an article about ending a podcast you shold at least listen to a few of them in their entirety before you make such claims. I won’t waste any more time on this ,but pretty sure this article you wrote is sloppy with no reasearch. You speak of fake news then what do you call this. You looked at a list of guests on the JRE podcast and made your judgments without even listening to them.

  47. Anthony Donald Ezell says:

    Lmao. Get over it

  48. Bennett sean says:

    More Fake News. Thanks Matt Goya.
    I will no longer support your highly salted beans as well. I am truly sorry.

  49. Brandon Frehr says:

    Wow, control issues. The Joe Rogan Experience is an amazing show and an outstanding platform where open discussion and thought are welcomed. I’m strongly against you slanderous article hoping to paint this program in a negative light. Which happens to mean it’s right winged, and anti mainstream news. How crazy you think that’s “hate speech ” or dangerous. You’re what’s wrong with this country. Don’t like it, don’t listen. I on the other hand will continue to support and enjoy this podcast and listen to every single episode.

  50. Tim McCallum says:

    JRE gives different viewpoints from different people. Quit trying to take away the First Amendment. It seems the majority of people like what he is talking about. I don’t always agree with everything or every guest but that’s what the comment section is 4 below

  51. kyle kendall says:

    This is nonsense, simply put. Joe is a supporter of FREE SPEECH. In giving these guests a platform, he is only giving them rope with which to hang themselves. Simple as that. You might want to consider another line of thinking, as this one is garbage, or possibly another line of work.

  52. Erik says:

    No need to request an end to any podcast. If I don’t like the music on the radio, I just change the station. Don’t censor them unless you are willing to be censored yourself.

  53. Jake says:

    Leave Joe alone he is one of the few fair and honest voices out there!

  54. You're says:

    You’re an idiot

  55. Shit says:

    Dumbest shit I’ve ever read, someone is a failed web writer

  56. K says:

    Literally none of this is true, do better research you hack.

  57. Phil says:

    Hey thanks for giving joe more publicity. On the other hand i didnt even look to see your name. Theres a reason his show is popular. Your writing….ahhh… not so popular. Good luck to you my friend youll need it. Find someone to dog that actually does bad for the world not someone is constantly pushing possitivey and unity etc.

  58. Lou Buzzeo Jr. says:

    Typical leftist hysteria, who the hell are you to decide what I can listen to, there is more than enough credible evidence that 911 was an inside job, whether you’re too retarded or not to accept those obvious facts, that’s on you not me. Joe Rogan, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, a group of Engineers, have also disputed the government fallacy of what actually happened at 9:11, just because your IQ is 65 doesn’t mean the rest of us can have our eyes open, and listen to all sides of a debate.

  59. Jason Z says:

    To sum up, Joe Rogan’s podcast offers opinions and guests which you find misleading and dangerous. Therefore, we must censor his show and remove it from the public debate.

    Let’s see if your authoritative ignorance can follow the flawed logic put forth. Mediafile promotes factually incorrect information and opinions justifying violence. Therefore, this site should be shutdown and editors investigated for incitement to violence.

    I remain baffled by the left’s constant attempts to convince us silencing certain voices is best for the majority, when they themselves are a minority ideology. Free speech allows articles like this to remind us why defeating repressive regimes will never cleanse us of their evil ideas.

  60. John says:


  61. John V. Linton says:

    This is really a frightening example of the Orwellian Left at its worst. Shut down successful speech with which you disagree. Fascistic.

    I’d be the first to condemn the various conspiracy theories named, but that hardly nullifies Rogan’s right to an audience — nor is it the principle motivator for this article, which can’t stand any voice not coming from the hard Left.

    Let’s see… Recently Rogan has had Steven Pinker, Bret Weinstein, Sam Harris, and many other hard-right conspiracy theorists… Yeah right.

  62. Juan says:

    Why do you think people should be have arguments in an echo chamber? He brings all these different people so that they can discuss different ideas and concepts the audience can make up their own mind based on who they are as a person. All this censoring the media tries to do only empowers the alt right

  63. Cain says:

    The JRE experience is not news. It’s stoners sitting around talking. What about Fox news and there redaction page that gets filled everyday. They actually report fake news then later have to take it back but do it on the online redaction page so all the peoples that get their news on TV never get to see it redacted and believe it as truth. How about info wars why not write a slam price on real fake news.

  64. Jacob Roark says:

    Hit peace written by someone who obviously doesn’t actually listen to the show. A single example why (out of many): Joe has said multiple times that he is friends with Alex Jones, followed up in almost every case by saying that Jones is batshit crazy and does a lot of his stuff just to provoke.

    But hey, only giving half of the story is a lot more interesting to your narrative I’m sure.

  65. Fake says:

    Fake news

  66. Peter says:

    Yes,he is. I’m a liberal On most things and don’t like his slight bias, but really, he isn’t doing much harm to anyone with a brain. I think this article is incredibly misleading too. Quoting from years back on things he has changed his mind on. If anything his podcast opens you to people from both sides and unites.

  67. Nathaniel says:

    So you think that because people are sceptical of our governments ability not take part in any conspiracy of any kind, and show that scepticisim, you believe that they should no longer have a show. That in my mind is actively trying to suppress free speech and thinking. And as ironic as it may seem the very person trying to be untruthful is yourself. I say this because you come at this with the predisposition that conservatives are evil and should be scilenced. This behavior you blatantly display is exactly the same type shown by nazi factious who would science anyone who had a differing opinion or perspective.

  68. Andrew Giordano says:

    So you want Joe Rogan to only interview people you agree with? Thats really great dialogue. If you can’t even listen to views you disagree with you must be some sort of mental midget. Listen to everybody and make decisions for yourself. It’s funny how you didn’t critiZice him for any of the super left wing activists he has on

  69. Hank says:

    You are stupid.

  70. Smash says:

    You’re an idiot, and I don’t even like Joe Rogan.

  71. Nathaniel says:

    So you think that because people are sceptical of our governments ability not take part in any conspiracy of any kind, and show that scepticisim, they should then no longer have a show. That in my mind is actively trying to suppress free speech and thinking. And as ironic as it may seem the very person trying to be untruthful is yourself. I say this because you come at this with the predisposition that conservatives are evil and should be scilenced. This behavior you blatantly display is exactly the same type shown by nazi factious who would science anyone who had a differing opinion or perspective.

  72. Clamvu says:

    This article is fake news

  73. Ryan says:

    The freedom to express ideas and beliefs, how dare Joe. He’s also had several left-leaning guests, why aren’t they mentioned? I’m still searching for this hateful rhetoric ‘that instills fear’. All I hear are open conversations, regardless of political affiliation.

  74. Rich says:

    Not even close. You misrepresent and misunderstanding.

  75. Kevin Moseley says:

    Maybe you should actually listen to the podcast just because you disagree with someone means you can’t stand I’m not saying I believe those people either but every deserves to say what they are gonna say because you can’t continue to have free speech and and selectively cherry pick what isn’t free speech no matter how fucked the subject may be Ps ( you complete ignore all the opposite people of the spectrum he has on the show Neil degrasse Tyson Lawrence Krause these are very liberal very respectable people, and if you don’t think there’s more to the JFK assassiantion than that’s meets the eye your crazy at least read the book by tj English )

  76. Pat says:

    Yeah… Let’s just get rid of all channels that humanize folks you done agree with. That would be the worst, seeing folks with different perspective as relatable… Torture.

  77. Chris says:

    My god, you are such an unbelievable nitwit Matt. Are all you liberal soyboys the same? Threatened by anyone who doesn’t share the same (delusional) beliefs as you.

    Stop trying to stifle free speech you imbecile.

  78. Daniel says:

    This is fake news.

  79. Bingo says:

    Rogan and Alex Jones are not the same animal, they’re friends from the late 90’s. Rogan has laughed at and called Jones crazy while simultaneously declaring him a great guy and good friend. Same with Eddie Bravo, they are friends from the martial arts world. You know nothing and are cherry picking. He’s a curious guy who simply has all voices on his podcast. This same podcast was praised by Dan Carlin, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Amit Gaswani, Graham Hancock, Sam Harris, and plenty more people much more intelligent than us. Dumb article.

  80. Bill Mosley says:

    It’s called the “Joe Rogan Experience” no my experience or your experience………
    If you don’t like the experience, move on ….

    Just like I choose to make this my only story I need to hear from Matt Gioia.

    But I won’t write the world to agree with me .

    That show has over 1100 experiences with 1000’s
    Of hours of content From Rock gods , to Lance Armstrong , World Champion/Class Athletes.
    Top movie stars to the #1 Cocain Trafficer from yesterday.

    Yes , make up your own mind and invest some time in the #Joe Rogan Experience.

    For Safety, keep thumb on channel button in case you get scared…..

  81. Madman says:

    Terrible article. Do some research.

  82. Todd says:

    Are you kidding me? Hey, google news got me here, so good job I guess. Obviously only looked at clips, probably from a rip-off channel. Do better research. A whole article because of misguided anger, sad. You could benefit from actually listening. Peace and Love, Todd.

  83. JT says:

    This is pure hogwash. Rogan has a variety of guests on, and will regularly have Jamie fact-check claims on the spot, and change his views accordingly based on new information. He doesn’t always agree with his guests and will often challenge them to support their views. Just because he has a guest on, like Alex Jones, doesn’t mean he agrees with him, and it’s a stretch and poor journalism to suggest otherwise. In a society based on free speech, it’s important to allow those you disagree with to have a chance, like a one on one 3 hour conversation, to espouse their beliefs so we the listener can make our own judgement call on how we feel about that person. I also like that Rogan can challenge the official story of questionable events, like 9/11, and bring up good points that the media won’t talk about. History has shown us that the official story is not always accurate and things need to be questioned. I’ve learned a great many things listening to his podcast, have been entertained, and inspired to eat better and take better care of my body.

  84. Max Power says:

    Sounds like somebody can’t take any points of view but their own. “Joe Rogan should shut up because he is guilty of WRONG-THINK!” Conspiracy theories are perpetuated in spite of Rogan. That’s just your segway to talk about him entertaining “evil alt-right racists and bigots!”.

    When will you people learn to stop feeding it? If you want to beat the EVIL RIGHT WING, all you have to do is stop reacting to everything it does.

    Stop alienating people with this “racist, sexist, homophobic alt Right bull.

    Enjoy whatever ad revenue you get from my click and comment. You’ll need it for the anti psychotics.

  85. Michael Bejoc says:

    What are you talking about? Promoting alt-right? You clearly never heard or seen one of his episodes in its entirety. The JRE isn’t a news outlet, it’s entertainment. Barking up the wrong tree.

  86. Jacob Fenimore says:

    Right, because it’s damaging to talk about potential possibilities and to explore other perspectives with a diverse crowd of individuals. Not only is this article hinging on YOUR opinion it also would directly impede on the first amendment. The JRE is not only entertaining but also brings a lot of information that is seemingly obscure. I also like how you picked the few out of over 1000 guests that don’t fit your political agenda. He also made fun of Alex Jones by saying that he is a crazy person. Lastly the JRE should end only when Rogan himself thinks. That is all.

  87. Mike Court says:

    You’re absolutely not listening. Joe uses logic and always asks the right questions. His beliefs aren’t promoting fake news in any way. What he promo tes is questioning everything, which is the right thing for everyone to do. Utilize those critical thinking skills rather than simply accepting what you are told. To “stop him” from discussing his thoughts is FASCIST BS. He called Alex Jones a fear monger and even mentioned that he(Jones) is always pushing his doomday products, but to be polite he called him “entertaining”. He is NOT the news, he is a FREE THOUGHT PROMOTIONAL podcast, and if we do away with free thought then we’ve already become what everyone fears is coming, the next fascist superpower.

  88. Jim says:

    This guy is obviously picking and choosing what he wanted to right about. I’ve listened to the above podcast’s and Rogan’s view and guest list is far more open and diverse than what the author is giving him credit for. This is more someone wanting to gain recognition off of another individuals name by writing a story that picked and chose statements to complain about. The author is only watching YouTube clips and not full episodes.

  89. IEZ69 says:

    Stupid article

  90. Cam says:

    So because YOU don’t belief in a stance or a topic, that means no one can have that belief or stance? Are you so afraid of an alternate opinion to your own that you want to shut down a space for like-minded people to share?

    Oh and the 8th most downloaded podcast isn’t going anywhere.

  91. xury belliard says:

    You clearly only listen to the parts of his podcasts that seem inflammatory , as he’s changed his mind on a variety of topics you mentioned. He believes that we did land on the moon and that 9/11 and the subsequent collapsing of the buildings was caused by the planes and resulting fires. He also noted that while Alex Jones is his friend, that he doesn’t agree with everything he’s said, most notably the Sandy Hook shooting. If you’re going to be critical about something make sure you do the correct amount of research before your own work is deemed as “fake news”

  92. Ryan Brown says:

    You clearly don’t listen to the JRE podcast. You plucked a couple of instances where less than ideal guests were given a platform, but that in no way sums up the entire podcast. The conspiracy stuff is entertaining at best, harmful or even persuading is quite a stretch.

    1. Alex Jones is a terrible person, but Rogan clearly states that he doesn’t always agree with him and that they have been friends for decades. Anyone being manipulated by Jones at this point has bigger issues.

    2. The Milo podcast was around the same time he could be seen on several mainstream news channels and college campuses. That podcast actually started Milo’s rapid decent due to some of the things he said.

    It sounds like you’re saying that anyone you don’t agree with or that you think spreads “alt-right” ideas should never be given a platform. That’s a terrible idea. Those ideas are not going away and trying to suppress them is not the solution. They must be conquered via open and honest debate.

    Also, it’s completely obvious to any JRE listeners that he is not overtly political, he just has conversations with interesting people. I think it’s important and should continue.

  93. Randy Cox says:

    Ewwww you are completely biased. If you actually listened to the podcast you would know that Rogan has changed his stance on all those issues because if guests he has talked to. That is exactly the type of human being we need these days with all the confirmation bias that runs rampant. Being a truly open minded person means that your beliefs are open to change based on the information you have available. Clearly you are not open minded and you have no idea what you are talking about.

  94. Getalife says:

    Lol get a life

  95. Jerome says:

    This should’ve been written when he gave James Damore a platform. Also Back when he tried to discredit black lives matter.

  96. Steven Kellogg says:

    Stop trying to paint someone as a racist and a bigot just because he doesn’t promote far left’s agenda. I listen to his podcast and for the most part it seems like he just wants to understand what is going on in the world. Also he at least attempts to use logic and is open minded when discussing controversial topics. He was s also a comedian by trade so yeah he will crack jokes and try to find humor in any situation. As far as Alex Jones goes, him and Joe have been friends for years and he knows that some of what Alex Jones does is not to be taken at face value. As far as being alt right I would have to disagree. I believe he is more of a centrist.

  97. Wesley Myers says:

    This is tribalism and propaganda, anyone that lets the other side speak their view is going to be slammed, but fear mongering like this is pitiful. You would have to live a hole under a communist facility to think plain jane conservative Steven Crowder is alt-right.

  98. Stephen Williams says:

    Ah, but by not letting Joe talk about what he wants to talk about, you allow for “conspiracies” to take place. Dissent is good; doubt is good. Culture is not our friend, as Terence McKenna used to say. I’m sorry you don’t like what Joe Rogan says about certain topics, but it’s not your place or your right to decide when his contributions should end.

  99. Joe says:

    Those guys aren’t alt-right.

  100. Mike Neubauer says:

    To the Author,

    You are entitled to your opinion however you are misrepresenting what Joe does and doesn’t believe. Joe has publicly stated on his podcasts in the nicest possible ways, that Eddie Bravo, Milo Yannopolis, Alex Jones and other controversal personalities are “out there”. Letting controversial personalities speak doesn’t sway the intelligent listener. It is a simply a view to see what they actually believe and to hopefully reveal how they came to those opinions.

  101. Chud says:

    This article was incorrect from the beginning , Rogan was not a cast member on mad TV, so right off the bat you’re spreading an inaccurate portrayal. Then let’s talk about how Joe Rogan spreads conspiracy theories, if you we’re to listen to his podcast, one would realize listening to a Comedian’s opinion on various events in history and not taking it as fact. Something’s are just entertainment and the identical situation goes for his “alt right guests” not everyone is a mindless drone who hear opinions, ones they might not agree With and take it with anything more than a grain of salt. Just like this silly article with all its ridiculous takes will be taken with a grain of salt.

  102. Xanderajax3 says:

    Basically, this article is whining because Joe doesnt have liberal talking heads like Jimmy Kimmel on his show. People like Kimmel, Colbert, and Oliver always spout of lies without fact checking, and everyone in the mainstream media praises them. Kimmel is the self-proclaimed,moral authority who use to be on the Man Show degrading women, uses homophobic remarks, and calls 48% of Americans stupid.

    Liberals are a bunch of hypocrites and the author of this article is no different.

    P.S. I’m not a fan of Joe Rogan or his podcast, but he is also far from being a right wing conservative. Perhaps do some research.

  103. David Reaka says:

    You’re an idiot.

  104. Craig Bennett says:


    The United States, specif I call the CIA was responsible for the death of one of our greatest presidents. They were also responsible for starting two needless wars, Vietnam and Iraq, that ended with the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children.

    Don’t worry, when I was younger I had my head stuck up my ass also.

  105. Jon says:

    Joe Rogan was speaking the truth previously. I do not agree with certain conspiracy theories that he agrees with, but he is entitled to his opinion andb can do whatever he wants on his podcast, well because, it is his. People obviously enjoy his e
    Podcast and his entertainment value, as his podcast is one of the most listened to by people. So you are also entitled to your opinion but I can guarantee you will not have good reception with this article.
    #Nice try Gioia

  106. Jack Travar says:

    So much irony in this piece calling JRE fake news. No intelectual integrity here.

  107. Gregory Heelan says:

    Serious insecurity conveyed in this article. The author takes the position that if one dissects and questions the legitimacy of the 9/11, they are themselves disqualified as legitimate. Such fear of questioning authority is dangerous. Slinging mud at people as “conspiracy theorists” is an easy thing to do, rather than argue with them on the actual issues.

  108. Matthew DiAngelo says:

    I disagree with your article. Why do you feel it is wrong to question such things? That is what we are supposed to do as the gereral public. I feel you gave Joe Rogan a bad rap…. His podcast has also included a whole slew of comedians, fighters, and the most brilliant scientist of our day… To include Niel Degrassi Tyson, Brian Cox, Dr. Rhonda Patrick… And let forget the “Holy Grail” with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. This piece has me assume you are one of those closed minded leftist with no room for open and honest discussion. I hope you get an opportunity to be on his podcast. I would love to hear the conversation with someone who disagrees with Joe Rogan.

  109. Wyatt Rowden says:

    Wrong or not people want free speech. If you don’t like it don’t listen or watch it and quit trying to stop people opinions when you don’t agree with them. I swear the left acts like it’s 12 and I don’t even like the right but at least they will have an adault discussion based in logic. Lefties have discussions based on feelings and if they don’t like what you are saying they attack you just like they did Joe in this article. Get thicker skin and quit trying to shut down speech that offends you, it makes you look pathetic. People like you are the reason Trump won and you don’t even get it.

  110. Dan says:

    Get out of your bubble and talk to people you disagree with and prove them wrong if you are so sure they are pushing “”fake news”. I’m sure Joe would have you on his show like I’m sure you would have some shitty excuse not to actually talk to him. Godforbid we talk to anyone with weird or unpopular views outside of the mainstream without people like you calling to end their show or pull sponsors

  111. Jarod Clines says:

    This is ridiculous. Why do people have such a problem with Joe? Everything in this article is either a half-truth or partial quote removed from the context of thd show. Another embarrassing attempt to make Joe Rogan look bad. I’ll never understand the kind of people who write these stories.

  112. Gunther says:

    People like the author of this article are what’s wrong with today, not Joe Rogan.

  113. Ivan says:

    Worst wtrie up ever. One of the most non objective write ups I have ever read. Clearly you are taking very specific things he has said, applying them out of context. You are the definition if the problem you speak about in fake news. You are a sensationalist. You are what you are complaining about.

  114. Glenn Wright says:

    “Rogan is playing right into the alt-right’s hands by providing a platform that humanizes them”
    What you’re suggesting is that “alt-right” people (a widely misused term) should be dehumanized.
    History shows that the dehumanization of a group of people leads to genocide. It’s hppened all over the world to every race that exists.
    You are the dangerous one, not Joe Rogan.

  115. Mark says:

    Wow, the author is so butthurt that Joe isn’t the justice warrior he writes an article about it.

  116. Brett says:

    You are an idiot and clearly don’t listen or waych the show. I know plenty of people on both sides that love his devil’s advocate stance on everything.

  117. Ace says:

    What about all the motivational stuff Joe puts up? You seem very biased

  118. Dave H says:

    You left wing nitwits think it’s ok for you to lie directly to the public. But when someone expresses their thoughts and it doesn’t fit your narrative you instantly smear them. Well guess what left wing morons with no common sense or a brain to think on your own with. I would guess Joe Rogan has more viewers than CNN. Whom I might add is dropping in ratings every day. Kids programs are getting more viewers than CNN. LoL. That tells me that the “Russian bots” aka Real Americans are more woke than you liberal scum bags think. And every day you spew your crap, more and more Americans start to see the deception the media provides.

  119. A says:

    This article talks about this podcast spreading fake news and spewing inaccuracies, while this article literally does what it’s accusing the podcast of. How many of the podcasts have you seen/listened to? There are 1,102 episodes and it sounds like you wrote this article after listening to less than 5 of them. If you had been exposed to more, you would know that Joe has had guests from all walks of life, and has changed his mind on quite a few conspiracy theories. They actually make fun of one of his best friends who is a regular guest on the podcast who is a hardcore conspiracy theorist.

    I can’t believe this was written, sent to an editor who okayed it, and then was published on a web site. This is what is wrong with the internet.

  120. Jon says:

    The strength of his show is its balanced, nuanced way of looking at the world. Having long form discussions that meander around topics is far more important that trying to distill and classify complex issues as “fake news” or “alt right”. People should be encouraged to talk more, this show does that. Yes it highlights some uncomfortable positions that people hold. You probably wont agree with most guests, but by listening you become aware of different perspectives. Im sure if you listen frequently you will hear many alternate and conflicting perspectives (left/right/up/down),

    Joe Rogan = Michel de Montaigne

  121. Brianne Freeman says:

    How hypocritical can you be to post about fake news when that’s what this is. All news is fake because all media is controlled, like this “news site”. Go back to school to get an education in something that matters and could make a difference.

  122. Dan says:

    This is so false and so wrong. Whomever wrote this article is under the thumb of big brother!!! Keep doing what your doing Joe Rogan. Your service is extraordinary!!!

  123. Bailey says:

    I don’t think joe rogan is someone you want to attack and write disengenuinous articles about. What a horrible article. This site should not be put on google news.

  124. Aaron Wheeler says:

    Given the vast amount of people that Rogan has interviewed on his podcast, it’s only normal that there would be a few conspiracy theorist, con artist, “wackos”, etc. However, Rogan doesn’t always agree with everything that everyone he interviews says. He directly challenges, or disagrees rather, quite a few topics when interviewing Jones for example. Also, for the few above mentioned folks that have spent time on his show that are suspect, there are many more that have expressed some very good ideas and advice. Overall I think it’s a great show. Rogan has a right to his own opinion also. I don’t agree with everything that Rogan, or a lot of his guests think or say. It’s still a great show and by no means should be sacked. If someone isn’t bright enough to agree or disagree with the information they are hearing based on their own research, etc… it’s not Rogans’ or any of his guests fault. The blame should be placed on parenting, television, the school system, media as a whole, etc. Not Joe Rogan or anyone that’s ever been on his podcast. I’ve never heard any of them say that their opinion is cold, hard fact that should go unquestioned. So cut him some slack already. No one is perfect. Made evident while reading your insert. Just my opinion

  125. Craig says:

    The is ludicrous. Rogan does NOT belive yhe moon landing was fake. Whoever wrote this nonsense clearly doesn’t listen to JRE. Your whole premise is he has guests on his show that you disagree with. He dares to allow people you disagree with point out the idiocy that is liberalism. You call Trump a fascist while calling for Joe Rogan to be silenced because you don’t like what they talk about? Look in the mirror you ignorant fool.

  126. Wyatt Rowden says:

    All I want to hear when I listen to info is people who disagree with me no matter how offensive. Quit trying to take that from people just because you can’t deal with being offended, it is how you learn new things. Quit being so close minded. Again, I don’t like the right but there is no logic in the left. If you don’t like what something saying convince that person or others that you are right and change their mind. Calling for the stopping of someones speech is not the answer.

  127. Chris says:

    Terrible article

  128. Owen Brooks says:

    Is this satire? If not, the author should realize Rogan’s guests are varied in thought, race, religion, etc. This article provides a interesting but extreme analysis of the podcast. It could be improved by examining a larger subset of guests.

  129. Tyler Archuleta says:

    Poorly written and does not represent what the podcast is about. If it is clicks you are looking for i guess you’ll get them but for the wrong reasons.

  130. Michael says:

    One of the the worst and most false article I have ever read. I watch/listen to JRE religiously, almost everything said here is just not true. It’s like you just listened for certain words or phraes and took them far out of context. What about all the health and nutrition subjects and guests he has on? Nothing to say about those of course. Maybe the author should go on the podcast and set Joe straight .

  131. Joshua Lea Edwards says:

    Free speech is a protected right. You trying to push your agenda on America is a disgrace. Joe Rogans podcast is entertaining and informative. The people of America have the right to make their own decisions. You should not be a journalist at all.

  132. Tony says:

    You are fake news Matt Gioia! You left out that he considers himself left leaning and has as many Libbey’s on the podcast. It’s open conversation.

  133. Nathaniel says:

    Oh and one more thing, this idea the Alex Jones, Milos yiannopoulops, and Stephen crowder are spreading fear without provocation or proof of any government impropriety is ridiculous. Unless we all forget about instances like the Nixon – watergate scandal! Which has been substantiated and proven beyond a doubt!

  134. Lucy snorebush says:

    So because he carries a different opinion even though he constantly says he “doesn’t know” and “isn’t an expert” and “therefore these are just opinions” you plan on calling for him to leave his desired profession? Giving people a platform to speak is a crime now? At what point do you look at yourself and take responsibility for what you have done? Joe Rogan is a comedian, martial artist, and social commentator not a politician figure or someone who pretends to want to lead people. disprove him with debate if he’s always wrong if you can’t any only disagree with who he let’s on his(not yours) podcast don’t listen. Do research on topics instead of blindly following others because they have a platform and maybe than you will see it’s his right to speak about what ever he wants with whomever he wants. He doesn’t promote violence he promotes peace.

  135. Jude says:

    Wow, Joe Rogan, a “Right’ guy. Sometimes people don’t listen to enough Joe Rogan before passing judgement.

  136. John L Hansen says:

    I’d agree with Milo being Alt-Right.
    But Crowder? Come on. You’re going to have to do better than that.

    They present a comedy show that’s funny; sources all their material; and is non-Leftist.

    That doesn’t make them Alt-Right. That just makes them staunchly opposed to both the Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialism and the Kamala Harris Intersectional Socialism that is, currently, consuming the Left.

  137. Tony says:

    Joe Rogan isn’t the news. If people are listening for news, well I will leave that for someone else to comment. If you have been listening to the podcast for years as some of us have. Joe never claims to know anything one way or the other, matter of fact he is very clear about that fact. Joe will also let a guest know he doesnt agree with their opinion and kick back. Also, Joe has both sides and the middle on his show. The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the few places you get motivation, real opinions and more. I appreciate your opinion on the show. I think if you would truly listen to a bunch of his shows, you would see what I am saying.

  138. Brian says:

    Jealousy is a stinky cologne

  139. Gregory Campbell says:

    You clearly do not listen to his podcast.

  140. Gee Janeyah says:

    Clearly written by someone who is driven by their own ideology and couldn’t find anything else to turn in before deadline. When you have to reach this hard, you’ll eventually fall off of the ladder you borrowed to get to this height.

  141. ryan steger says:

    What a complete and utter piece of garbage that article is

  142. Jake says:

    +200,000,000 That this writer does not listen to Joe’s podcast at all. The writer is actively practicing “fake news” by taking quotes out of context and inaccurately paraphrasing Rogan. This podcast is one of the few bridges between political ideologies.

  143. Marissa says:

    Oh wow. How tragic.

  144. stan says:

    Nope, the show is great. Just needs less LA hipster types on there spewing the same boring nonsense.

  145. Adam says:

    The comments on this article are proof of how his sheep operate. He seemed like an intelligent dude at first, but it’s all his conspiracy crap turned me off. And if you don’t follow conspiracy theories, it means you work for the left ?? Let that sink in awhile.

  146. Marc le Marseillais says:

    Oh gosh! That’s a lot of hate for one tiny article. But this was actually a very badly written article. And it’s time to end clickbaity title like this, but it did the trick apparently.

  147. Jordan Roman says:


  148. no says:


    Did we not listen to episodes with guests like Alonzo Bodden calling for (explicitly) rounding up of every single firearm of every sort for govt confiscation?

    Calling a platform one-sided and cherry-picking evidence to support that claim illegitimizes the original claim itself.

  149. The Great Hambino says:

    I have listened to the JRE for years. His listeners do not run around hysterically spouting the crap this article claims. Are you angry that he doesn’t stick to your prescribed agenda? You are by far more dangerous than his show. That is of course assuming that anyone outside your circle of “friends” takes you seriously. Have you even done enough research to see how many Leftist nut jobs he’s had on to counteract the Right-wing nut jobs? Poor reporting. Biased and disgusting. Just goes to show, the Left will eat their own with all their hate. I’ll be sure to mark you as nothing more than fake news.

  150. Jeff says:

    LOL this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever read.

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