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Long Time, No See #14 – mRNA Vaccines

mRNA technology has been decades in the making and could change the way we treat and prevent various diseases, from HIV to cancer. Doctors Drew Weissman, David Diemert, and Van Morris explain the background and potential future uses of this microscopic technology.

Long Time No See #13 – The Foreign Service

After four years of being “hollowed out,” the U.S. Foreign Service looks ahead to rebuilding and tackling new foreign policy problems. Ambassadors Eric Rubin and Marc Grossman discuss the future of America’s diplomatic force on episode 13 of LTNS.

Long Time No See #12 – Hong Kong Protests

A new national security law has called into question the future of Hong Kong. On episode 12 of LTNS, photojournalist Laurel Chor discusses how the law has changed the city and the protests that have enveloped the streets of the global hub for the past year.

Long Time No See #11 – EARN IT Act

The EARN IT Act could fundamentally change how we use the internet by further restricting Section 230 and end-to-end encryption. India McKinney from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Adi Robertson from The Verge explain what this bill means for the future of the internet on episode #11 of LTNS.

Long Time No See #09 – Feeding America During a Pandemic

In the second episode of Season 2 of LTNS, Michael sits down with Armando Elenes, secretary-treasurer of the United Farm Workers union. Elenes discusses the uphill battles that several farmworkers face in protecting themselves from the pandemic. Many farmworkers do not have a safety net

Long Time No See – Season Two Preview

With media coverage now almost exclusively devoted to the coronavirus pandemic, countless stories may be left out of the media spotlight. Some stories, such as immigration or gun violence prevention, may not be getting as much attention, but may nevertheless have unique intersections with the

The MediaPod – #02

In honor of Women’s History Month, Editor-in-Chief Celine Castronuovo, Co-Opinions Editor Samantha Millar, politics writer Victoria Makanjuola and industry writer Abi Cole sit down to discuss the importance of women in media, the legacy of Cokie Roberts, the first female political cartoonist of color for

The MediaPod – #01

Editor-in-Chief Celine Castronuovo, Podcast Director Michael Kohler, Editor-at-large Rob Cline and politics writer James Smathers relaunch The MediaPod series by discussing the media’s role in the impeachment process, the social media platform political ad wars, billionaires in the 2020 news cycle, and press freedom during recent military