What You Missed at SXSW This Year

The South by Southwest conference and festival celebrated its 30th anniversary this past week in Austin, Texas. From March 10 through 19, the annual pilgrimage of entrepreneurs, artists, businesses and interactive organizations  proved the conference has grown even larger and more influential over the past

NPR, WNYC, and Slate Explain Why They Are Betting on Live Events

Earlier this month, the NPR Politics Podcast hosted a live show in Washington, D.C.’s Warner Theater, and Slate’s Trumpcast did a live recording in D.C.’s Hamilton Hotel. Last year, Radiotopia hosted a live event featuring nearly all their shows in Los Angeles. In 2013, Radiolab

#PressOn: How a Hashtag Put the Press’ Protesting Paradox on Display

Last week, Jordan Brenner of Bleacher Report initiated a hashtag that quickly became a trending topic across Twitter. Celebrities and regular citizens alike shared tweets tagged with #PressOn along with screenshots of their subscriptions to various newspapers, especially The New York Times and The Washington

Gender Equality in Sports Reporting is Still a Hail Mary

There aren’t many surprises expected for Fox’s Sunday broadcast of the 51st Super Bowl. Amidst a tumultuous political climate that brings new surprises and news updates daily, there’s one thing viewers can expect to see when they turn on their TVs this Sunday, and that’s

GW Hatchet Shutters Comments Section Following Web Redesign

Following a comprehensive web redesign, The GW Hatchet has removed the comments section from its website.  The Hatchet is the latest in a series of news organizations to remove the comments section from their websites over the last few years. “The Hatchet aims to use