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Zuckerberg Appears in Court for Oculus Copyright Case

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stand in a Texas courtroom yesterday to defend Facebook-owned virtual reality (VR) company Oculus, telling the world that consumer-grade VR isn’t “fully there yet.” This admission comes just as Zuckerberg and his company are trying to fend off a

Fighting Human Trafficking with Technology

Technology, like most things, is never wholly bad or wholly good. Though it takes a lot of criticism for helping to facilitate human trafficking, it is also leading to a variety of ways to help fight the practice. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has stated

The Ethics of Self-Driving Cars: Whose Story Is It To Tell?

Driving is rapidly changing, in the United States and around the world, due to Silicon Valley’s investment in self-driving cars. Companies like Google, Uber, Apple, and Tesla have all been pouring resources into the self-driving game. And they’ve been joined by traditional car companies like

A New Perspective on Storytelling: Snapchat’s Spectacles

Snapchat’s newest product, Spectacles, are the newer, cooler version of Google Glass. These sunglasses are an extension of Snapchat’s platform and are already gaining popularity through a scavenger-hunt marketing strategy used to sell them. This newest addition to the video-crazed social media world may be

Community Organizing Through Online Mobilization: #NoDAPL

Social media has transformed community organizing. Every day, individuals are able to connect with millions of people online to spread information and mobilize others to take action. On Tuesday, the #NoDAPL movement tapped into online networks to build their following and organize protests on a global

Facebook and Google Take Different First Steps to Combat Fake News

Facebook and Google have been under fire this week for failing to control the flow of misinformation about the 2016 election through their platforms. In the months leading up to the election, widely shared articles reported fake celebrity endorsements of now-President-elect Donald Trump, including ones claiming to

Facebook’s Flash is About Going Past the United States

Brazil may not be a hub for the latest tech, but it does get one privilege: Brazilians are trying out Facebook’s latest app – Flash – before anyone else. The new photo-sharing app might look familiar when you look at its filters and lenses. It’s providing