The World News You Missed This Week – March 9th, 2017

Foreigners who support a boycott of Israel are now banned from entering the country ISRAEL – The Israeli Knesset passed a bill on Monday night that will bar foreigners who have made “public calls” supporting the international boycott movement against Israel and its settlements in

It’s Not Easy Being ‘Prime Minister Selfie’

The day was January 12, 2017 and Justin Trudeau was holding his first town hall event of the year. Unlike most political Q&A’s, this one was held entirely on Snapchat. The event, like many moments featuring Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, quickly went “viral.” Beaming through

Death of Dominican Journalists Shows Dangers of Press Freedom

The murders of two Dominican journalists were caught on Facebook Live earlier this month. The world watched as radio presenter Luis Manuel Medina and producer Leonidas Martinez were killed as they hosted their show for station 103.5 HICC. A third victim, Dayaba Garcia, a secretary,

Trump’s Travel Ban quiets a Syrian Voice for Women

Award-winning Syrian journalist Zaina Erhaim is unable to enter the United States due to the travel ban administered by President Trump last month. Accompanied by several other Syrian women, Erhaim was set to tour the United States, screening the second part of her documentary “Syria’s

The World News You Missed This Week – February 15th, 2017

CNN en Español kicked off air in Venezuela VENEZUELA – The Venezuelan government rang the CNN fake news bell yesterday, pulling the plug from CNN en Español after it aired a story uncovering a scheme in which Venezuelan authorities may have issued passports and visas to

Can the EU Stop the Spread of Fake News?

The European Commission announced in late January that it will ramp up its efforts to combat fake news by committing more staff resources to its anti-disinformation task force. The initiative, known as the East Stratcom Task Force, was set up in 2015 to fight back

The World News You Missed This Week – February 2nd, 2017

6 dead in Quebec mosque shooting CANADA – Tragedy erupted in Quebec City Sunday as a lone gunman opened fire during an evening prayer service at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center, killing 6 people and wounding 19 others. French-Canadian student Alexandre Bissonette has been charged with