South Korea: Media Manipulation in the Name of Protection

This is part two of a comparative analysis on North and South Korean media landscapes. Check out part one on North Korean censorship. North Korea is known to the world as the second worst country for freedom of press. The country’s ongoing mission to become

The World News You Missed This Week – April 13th, 2017

Church bombing in Egypt Egypt Cabinet OKs state of emergency after Palm Sunday church bombings A stunned nation watched funerals for victims of the bombings on national TV and citizens raised questions and fears about what some consider lax security at churches. “The state of

North Korean Media: A Story of Language, Censorship, and Tech

This is part one of comparative analysis on North and South Korea media landscapes. Check out part two on South Korea here. After the death Kim Jong-Nam, the official state-run North Korean news organization Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) issued a statement accusing South Korea

The World News You Missed This Week – April 6th, 2017

Leftist headed to narrow victory in Ecuador, defying Latin America’s shift to right Ecuador plunged into crisis Sunday night after a disputed presidential vote, with leftist candidate Lenín Moreno headed to a narrow victory and his conservative opponent denouncing the results as fraudulent. The race

The World News You Missed This Week – March 9th, 2017

Foreigners who support a boycott of Israel are now banned from entering the country ISRAEL – The Israeli Knesset passed a bill on Monday night that will bar foreigners who have made “public calls” supporting the international boycott movement against Israel and its settlements in

It’s Not Easy Being ‘Prime Minister Selfie’

The day was January 12, 2017 and Justin Trudeau was holding his first town hall event of the year. Unlike most political Q&A’s, this one was held entirely on Snapchat. The event, like many moments featuring Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, quickly went “viral.” Beaming through