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How Partisan Media Coverage Changes an Entire Story

Media bias is nothing new – the term “liberal media” is thrown around regularly by conservatives, and Fox News has been crowned the face of conservative outlets. We’ve seen obvious bias in our two-party political system, and the most recent headlines have largely focused on

Op-ed: Are the Media Falling Down on Covering Anti-Muslim Bigotry?

Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslim immigrants has gotten extensive coverage during the presidential campaign. So did his disparaging comments about a Muslim Gold Star family. But has that degree of media attention to anti-Muslim bigotry been the rule, or an unusual exception? Journalists on

Why You Haven’t Heard of the Aga Khan

There is so much more to the Muslim religion than the broken record of terrorism and extremism the media perpetuates. Ismaili Muslims, for example, have a religious leader, the Aga Khan, who is responsible for $625 million worth of philanthropic programs all across the world that

Op-ed: The media doesn’t create change, the people do

The media’s duty is not to make the world better. Although some might believe that it is, the media isn’t meant to change the world directly. The media’s job is to inform the public of what people in power are doing. Today, journalists are faced

The Faces of Global Conflict

No breaking news story today is complete without a captivating image. These images become associated with all aspects of the story, and sometimes become the story. This has certainly become the case in many recent headlines, where the story becomes less about the issue, and

Polling and the Sensationalism of Election Season

Over the course of a poll’s life – its production, analysis, and consumption – there are circumstances that can reduce its value. Not only are there are so many variables that contribute to an “efficient” poll, but the reporting of polls (specifically, candidate election polls)