Jenni Monet: Arrested DAPL Journalist Speaks Out

Jenni Monet was arrested and charged with “engaging in a riot” while covering the Standing Rock protests. She speaks with MediaFile about her experiences, and her perspective on the #NoDAPL movement as an Native American journalist.

From Twitter Trenders to the Trumps: When is a Fact Irrelevant?

Gossip journalism has always drawn eyes and gained intrigue. Whether a rumor is about a member of a politician’s family, or a regular person who just happened to stumble into overnight Internet fame—journalists pounce on any information they can find in order to get an

Trump and Russia: Is the Media’s Reaction “Overblown?”

Since intelligence agencies uncovered that Russia likely hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server to benefit the Trump campaign, the Democratic party and many mainstream media outlets have focused their coverage of the new administration around its possible ties to Russia. In particular, the cases concerning Michael