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Sanders Camp Lambasts Coverage of New Hampshire Victory

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary last week, but after cable news coverage of the results focused on runners-up Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg, Sanders supporters slammed the media for what they perceived to be unfair reporting.

Pompeo Calls News Media “Unhinged” After Being Asked About Ukraine

After evading NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly’s questions about former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the news media had become “unhinged.” Days later, the State Department further retaliated against NPR by barring one of its other journalists from the Pompeo’s traveling press pool.

Reporters, Lawmakers Dispute Trump Administration’s Justification For Suleimani Killing

The White House justified the killing of Iranian military commander Qassim Suleimani last week by claiming the formally designated terrorist was planning “imminent attacks” against the U.S. But in recent days, reporting by the Washington press corps has sparked questions about how strong U.S. intelligence on the attacks was, most notably, among a few Senate Republicans.

Debbie Dingell’s Response to Trump’s Attacks Gets the ‘Both-Sides’ Treatment

After President Trump suggested on Wednesday that the late Rep. John Dingell was “looking up” from hell, Dingell’s wife and successor asked Trump to “set aside politics,” noting that Trump’s “hurtful words” made her healing “much harder.” But some news media framed her response in a way that presented the exchanged as a two-sided political fight.