Facebook Wins Fake News Court Battle With Syrian Refugee

A Syrian refugee in Germany lost his injunction suit against Facebook, in which he sought to make Facebook responsible for filtering out content that falsely linked him to crime or terrorism. A court in Würzburg on Tuesday ruled that the social media giant does not

The Women in Media: Hayley Tsukayama

In honor of Women’s History Month, MediaFile will be interviewing “The Women in Media” – those who inspire, lead, and make a difference inside the newsroom and beyond. This interview is the first in a series. Hayley Tsukayama, 31, landed her dream job directly after college at

News in a Snap: Washington Post’s Snapchat Updates

Snapchat has already shown that it wants to be a source for polished content and a place for users to get their news. Now, The Washington Post has teamed up with the social media company to pursue these goals together. On Feb. 13, the news

Oculus Has Had a Tough 2017— and It’s Only February

Oculus VR, the Kickstarter-funded technology startup now owned by Facebook, has already had a tough 2017— and it’s only February. After appealing the lawsuit, on Feb. 1, Oculus lost a heated copyright case against ZeniMax in a Dallas, Texas court, with damages of $500 million

Syrian Refugee and Facebook Go to Court Over Fake News

It’s doubtful that Anas Modamani, a Syrian refugee in Germany, ever thought that his simple selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel would get him in so much trouble. His photo initially became a symbol for the country’s openness to refugees. But soon after, false reports

How Chatbots Contribute to ‘Alternative’ News

Now that aritificial intelligence is capable of successfully passing the Turing Test, AI chatbots are making a significant dent in news coverage, and have the potential to spread fake news. More content creators are experimenting with the role that these chatbots can play in swaying public

NPR Using Amazon Echo to the Fullest

The Amazon Echo is growing in popularity and offers a very new way of delivering the news as MediaFile reported last week. Simply ask, “Alex, what’s new?” and the Echo will begin playing the Flash Briefing, a collaboration of “pre-recorded updates… the latest news headlines…