Ad-Blocking Could Be the Solution to Ad-Blocking

A group of companies that depend on advertising are looking for a solution to ad-blockers, the tools that many internet users use to avoid seeing online ads. In an ironic twist, that solution might be an ad-blocker. Advertising Age reports that the Coalition for Better

Google Changes Ad Policy to Better Reflect Advertisers’ Brands

After facing months of backlash for unintentionally funding extremists through advertising, Google announced a public apology, along with steps the company is taking to help advertisers avoid ‘objectionable’ content and provide more advertiser control over where ads appear. “We know advertisers don’t want their ads

Washington Post Teams up With Jigsaw to Simplify Tech Jargon

Technology shapes our world in ways that can be obvious or discreet. And sometimes, reading tech news can be dizzying. Even folks who see themselves as tech-savvy can be disoriented by the specialized vocabulary needed to understand some tech stories. The Washington Post is integrating

Facebook Wins Fake News Court Battle With Syrian Refugee

A Syrian refugee in Germany lost his injunction suit against Facebook, in which he sought to make Facebook responsible for filtering out content that falsely linked him to crime or terrorism. A court in Würzburg on Tuesday ruled that the social media giant does not

The Women in Media: Hayley Tsukayama

In honor of Women’s History Month, MediaFile will be interviewing “The Women in Media” – those who inspire, lead, and make a difference inside the newsroom and beyond. This interview is the first in a series. Hayley Tsukayama, 31, landed her dream job directly after college at