The Week in Multimedia – April 24, 2017

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Vox round out our top picks for this week.

The New York Times- Cassini Moves Inside Saturn’s Rings


When it comes to science and data, multimedia can vastly improve a piece, and less is always more. This piece utilizes NASA images, graphics, and a creative theme that easily illustrates the spacecraft’s path.

The Washington Post – ‘They were interested in me as if I were a zoo animal. But … I’m a human.’ Intimate images explore intersex identity.

By Karly Domb Sadof

This poignant photo series features beautiful, powerful stories that tell a story of their own. Each person’s story is strongly depicted through the stunning photography, and the minimal use of words lends the piece a stronger visual message.

The Wall Street Journal – Voices from the French Election

By Joshua Robinson

The Wall Street Journal has outdone its usual use of graphics and charts and traded it for an incredibly well-done multimedia story. Using video, photos, graphs, illustrations, and interviews, the Wall Street Journal has brilliantly laid out a clear understanding of the French election and its impact on French society.

Vox – Marine Le Pen: France’s Trump is on the rise

Mac Schneider

Just as the Wall Street Journal was able to use multimedia to tell the story of the French people, Vox closely examines presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. The video incorporates creative, informative graphics that enhance the overall quality of a mostly informational video.

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