The Week in Multimedia – September 8th, 2016

Vox, Singapore’s The Straits Times, The Washington Post, and The New York Times round out our top picks in multimedia for this week.

Vox – What Homer Simpson’s 100+ jobs tell us about America’s middle class


By Zachary Crockett

The beauty of this article comes from its ability to explain a difficult topic in a unique way. The storytelling is relevant. It’s relatable. People can understand America’s middle class, and can choose to understand it because of Crockett’s reference to a well-known piece of pop culture. The infographics of the piece are not beautiful, but they are simple, easy to understand, funny, and necessary to the article’s storytelling.

The Straits Times – Tracking Singapore’s Zika outbreak


By Rebecca Pazos, Ong Hwee Hwee, Yime Benites, Rodolfo Pazos

Singapore’s Zika outbreak has been rapidly growing. This piece breaks down the outbreak within Singapore from its first report in an interactive map, onward through diagrams of mosquitos, a breakdown of the signs and symptoms of the illness, to finally giving photographic tips of how to protect yourself. It’s an impressive use of multimedia as it explains, tracks, and informs the public about Zika.

The Washington Post – On the scene as Native Americans protest construction of a pipeline in North Dakota


This slideshow from The Washington Post tells a story through its photos. The slideshow is a unique method of covering the pipeline construction protest. The slideshow features no full analysis, but simple captions explaining the scene. Other than that, the photos tell it all.

The New York Times – How One of the Deadliest Hajj Accidents Unfolded


By Sara Almukhtar and Derek Watkins

From the infographics to the maps to the photography, every aspect of this piece culminates into an incredible multimedia piece, and incredible piece overall. The graphics make the statistics of the event easier to understand, while the photography adds to the its storytelling.

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