Apple’s iOS Update: A Strategic PR Decision

Apple has recently announced a big corporate move: iPhones will now share your exact location with first responders when dialing 911.

The current emergency response system was designed for a simpler technological time: one where landlines were the norm and mobile devices weren’t on the market. however, this is not the case today.

More than 80% of calls made to 911 each year come from mobile devices so knowing the exact location is essential to maintaining public safety. Determining a caller’s precise location is not just a matter of safety, it’s a matter of life and death.

Apple’s decision to partner with 911 is a strategic corporate decision that will give the brand an edge, considering not all cellular devices offer the same safety benefits. Not only will Apple increase consumer trust, but it will be a brand revered for its commitment to consumer satisfaction and, most importantly, safety.

CNN, USA Today, LA Times, Wall Street Journal and even in the UK have praised Apple for their new idea that could revolutionize how phone companies, as well as our nation’s outdated emergency infrastructure, achieve public safety.

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Since 2011, Apple has gradually lost market share in comparison to its competitors. While competing smartphone companies continue to grow, it is important that Apple uses all the resources it can to boost its PR.

Tom Wheeler, former chairman for the FCC, tells Daily Mail that “Apple’s new approach for locating 911 calls will set a new industry standard.”

There’s one shortcoming to Apple’s new development: it only applies to the US and the company is unsure of how well it will function in rural areas.

This development mainly applies to urban American communities, leaving a large percentage of the world’s population without the feature.

Apple is often mocked for its continual updates which lack substantive change, often they simply change aesthetic rather than performance.

IOS 12, on the other hand, brings an update that not only improves Apple’s software, but the infrastructure of our emergency systems.

The next step Apple could take would be to expand this feature worldwide, as they are an internationally renowned company that sets global norms.  


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