#MeToo and CBS News

Les Moonves. Jeff Fager. Julie Chen.

Within the week, two longtime,reputable CBS News staff have left the network following sexual harassment and digital harassment claims. Chen, Moonves’ wife, has also decided to step down.

Fager, a longtime producer of “60 Minutes,” was revealed to have sent threatening text messages to reporter Jericka Duncan.

“Be careful. There are people who lost their jobs trying to harm me and if you pass on these damaging claims without your own reporting to back them up that will become a serious problem,” Fager said in the text messages.

Fager’s exit was announced Wednesday, Sept. 12th, three days after Moonves’.

Moonves was the chairman and CEO of CBS and one of the largest media executives in America. In August, Ronan Farrow of The New Yorker posted an expose in which he interviewed six woman, who revealed Moonves had sexually harassed them.

On Thursday The Hollywood Reporter released its annual list of the 100 most powerful people in the entertainment industry. According to reporting by Oliver Darcy of CNN, Farrow replaced Moonves on this year’s list.

Farrow’s article highlighted how Moonves founded the Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace. In November, he spoke on the #MeToo movement at a conference.

“It’s important that a company’s culture will not allow for this,” Moonves said at the conference.

However, victims of Moonves’ harassment argue that his actions contradict what he seemed to stand for. Moonves issued an apology to The New Yorker.

“I recognize that there were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances,” Moonves said.

In a settlement reached by CBS and Moonves, the network announced it will donate $20 million to “one or more organizations that support the #MeToo movement and equality for women in the workplace.”

Now, CBS anchor of “The Talk,” host of “Big Brother” and husband of Moonves, Julie Chen, has announced her leave.

“I need to spend more time at home, with my husband and our young son,” Chen said in her exit announcement Tuesday. “So I’ve decided to leave The Talk.” Chen’s exit from “The Talk” is effective immediately and she will be with “Big Brother” until its finale Sept. 26.

Chen had been with the “The Talk” since 2010, but was not on the show Sept. 10th, the day after her husband, Moonves, was fired. “The Talk” is a show hosted by all women, and Chen addressed the “sisterhood it stands for” in her leave message.

Chen did not refer to Moonves in her message; however, in solidarity, Chen signed off from “Big Brother” as “Julie Chen Moonves.”

As the one year anniversary of the #MeToo movement approaches, major media figures are still feeling its effects.

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