#MFDebates: The 15 Best Tweets from the Final 2016 Debate

The third, and final, presidential debate of the 2016 election just ended and as expected, Twitter was nothing short of booming. From gifs to quotable one-liners, and policy fact-checks to tactful meme employment – the internet was in full swing.

From the #MFDebates team, here are our 15 best tweets of the night:

1. Things started out calmly enough but heated up about 35 mins in:

2. From then on, we knew it was going to be a long ride:

3. Memorable moments don’t die – they just become GIFs:

4. A (fictional) Veep weighed in:

5. And our favorite fictional Machiavellian did as well:

6. …and while we’re still on the topic of TV shows:

7. Bad Hombre? Bad Ombre? We still don’t quite know:

8. A rare occasion where Greek life and American politics are suddenly compatible:

9. …and while we’re still on the subject of “memorable Trump phrases”:

10. …and while it’s still ok to make Kremlin memes:

11. That one time where you confused “suspense” and “stability” on a national debate stage:

12. It’s the time of the season, folks! *pumpkin emoji*:

13. …speaking of emojis and emoticons:

14. …and just a quick update on Mr. Ken Bone:


15. Walking away from this bloody battle, there seemed to be only one winner:

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