New Editor-In-Chief Named at Cosmo as Coles Takes Role at Hearst

Michele Promaulayko has been named the new editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and the publication’s former EIC, Joanna Coles, has been named the first-ever chief content officer of Hearst, Cosmo’s parent company.

Coles’ new role will require her to “work closely with Hearst editors and oversee the company’s magazines,” as well as “identify new business opportunities and partnerships for Hearst in areas including television and live events, with the goal of extending the company’s brands beyond just print magazines and websites,” according to the New York Times.

Despite being at the helm of one of Hearst’s flagship publications, Coles said she was ready to branch out beyond the “Cosmo Girl” realm.

“I love Cosmo, but I gave it everything I had,” Coles told the New York Times. “I just didn’t have another sex position in me,” she joked, referencing the magazine’s notorious bedroom tips.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Promaulayko was an executive editor of Cosmopolitan from 2000 to 2008 under former Cosmo EIC Kate White. She’s also held the position of EIC at Women’s Health magazine and Yahoo Health.

In addition to her new role, Promaulayko will also be the editorial director of Seventeen Magazine. WWD reports that she assumes her new roles today and will report to the president of Hearst, David Carey.

This big shift at Hearst comes as Ellen Levine stepped down from her Editorial Director position at the company on Thursday, according to WWD. Leaving a space for Coles’ rising profile, the chief content officer role allows for larger flexibility and scope for a changing media market.

The creation of this new role at Hearst also echoes Anna Wintour’s new title of artistic director of Condé Nast,  created for her in 2013.

Wintour still serves as EIC of Vogue, to “amplify and elevate the profile of Condé Nast,” according to chief executive of Condé Nast Charles H. Townsend.

Although Promaulayko has big shoes to fill, she is approaching the position with ardor and tenacity. “I am incredibly excited to be coming home to Hearst to take the reins of two brands for which I have so much affection,” Promaulayko said of both Cosmo and Seventeen.

“Cosmopolitan is not only iconic, it’s an innovative market-leader and an inspirational powerhouse for young women around the globe. Both Cosmo and Seventeen have major influence on the lives of millennial women—I can’t wait to take on the challenge of guiding such a vital audience.”

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