New Editorial Board Announced for 2019-2020

MediaFile is excited to announce the incoming Editorial Board for the 2019-2020 year, effective May 6th, 2019. While some old and some new, all members of our incoming board will be incredible assets as MediaFile heads into its fourth year. The outgoing board members will aid in bringing MediaFile’s editorial vision to life during the transition process.

Celine Castronuovo will be taking the lead as MediaFile’s new Editor-in-Chief. Celine joined the international staff during her freshman year and served as the section’s co-editor during the 2018-2019 year. Celine has helped grow the section during her time as editor and has conducted international interviews on press freedom and coverage of human rights. In the coming year, she will be focusing on expanding MediaFile’s reach on George Washington University’s campus, as well as campuses across the country, while continuing to help the publication produce quality content.

Rob Cline, MediaFile’s outgoing Editor-in-Chief, will become our Editor-at-Large, working closely with writers and editors on stories, with a specific focus on the politics section. During Rob’s time as Editor-in-Chief, they helped execute a branding and website redesign, streamlined the Technology and Business sections into the Industry section, launched MediaFile on Apple News and helped introduce our newest podcast series, Long Time No See. We are excited that Rob will be staying on our editorial board and are confident that they will continue to help publish unique stories that fulfill the core mission of MediaFile.

Avi Bajpai will be our new Politics Editor, while also taking on a role as Lead Writer for the section so he can continue to provide his insightful analysis. Over the past year, Avi has produced clear and sharp reporting on media coverage of the Mueller Report, the Trump Administration and how the ever-changing political sphere is impacting our evolving media world. We are looking forward to seeing the great things he will continue to do for the section in this new role.

Shayna Greene will be staying on as International Editor, where she previously served as co-editor alongside Celine. Shayna has consistently provided exceptional guidance over the section, helping to grow MediaFile’s monthly World News You Missed series and promoting other quality content on international press freedom. We know she will continue to be a valuable member of our team and are excited to see her make the section even better in the coming year.

Lars Erik Schonander will be stepping up as Industry Editor. Lars has served as a writer for the international section over the past couple of years. He has proven to be a talented writer, providing quality analysis on media censorship and international coverage of demonstrations and political elections from Venezuela to Rwanda. We are confident that he will put his vast knowledge and writing skills to good use as he guides over the industry section.

George Bowles will stay on as MediaFile’s Opinions Editor. George took on the role of managing the opinions section this semester after serving as our copy editor for the first half of the 2018-2019 year. In their time in this role thus far, George has helped promote well-researched, quality arguments from our opinions writers and we look forward to seeing them continue to build the section in the coming year.

Amy Patronella will be continuing her role as MediaFile’s Copy Editor. Since joining the team this semester, Amy has consistently brought her diligence and sharp eye for detail when editing every story we publish. We know she will continue to be a phenomenal and essential asset to our team.

Last but certainly not least, Michael Kohler will continue as Podcast Director for MediaFile’s newest show, Long Time No See. Michael pitched and built this podcast this past year and has already provided engaging interviews with experts in various fields on stories that have may have fallen out of the media spotlight, but still deserve attention nonetheless. We are excited to see how this project will continue to grow in the coming year with Michael at the helm.

Along with our new Editorial Board, Julian Strachan will continue in his role as Business Director and Samantha Cookinham will remain our Communications Director.

As we usher in a new era of MediaFile, we would also like to give our thanks to the old section editors. MediaFile is only as strong as its staff, and the 2018-2019 year has been an incredible one. MediaFile’s third year was successful as it was because of the editors’ hard work. We have been a great team that consistently put out quality, meaningful content and we are excited to see what our fourth year holds.

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