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Apple Wades Into Murky Waters with Native GIF Integration

Arguably the biggest update iPhones received with Apple’s rollout of iOS 10 this month occurred within iMessage. What used to be a simple text messaging app can now send stickers, doodle, and let you search for GIFs. The new features aim to make messaging with friends more

“State-Sponsored” Yahoo Hack Potentially Biggest Data Breach of All Time

On Thursday afternoon, Yahoo Inc. revealed disturbing results of a recent internal investigation. The company confirmed via press release that “certain user account information”, including names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, and passwords, were stolen from its network in late 2014. The source, Yahoo believes, is

“The Voice on Snapchat” Disappears Too

Snapchat just wrapped up hosting “The Voice on Snapchat,” a short form video series for NBC’s “The Voice.” This marked a step towards enticing advertisers and publishers to produce more professional content for the popular social networking app. NBC’s “The Voice,” a singing competition with

Review Aggregators: Certified Fresh or Blowing off Steam?

As the saying goes: everyone’s a critic. “The Promise,” a soon-to-be-released movie set in the last days of the Ottoman Empire, has garnered over 80,000 user reviews on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Yet, it has not yet been released in the United States, and

Who is Responsible for Online Advertising in 2016?

As individual companies gain more control over what advertisements users can view, we have to ask ourselves – What is responsible online advertising? On September 13th, in an attempt to answer this question, Adblock Plus added an extension to sell ads through their Acceptable Ads policy, a

Buying into the Experience of Virtual Reality

You’re standing in a dimly lit living room. You hear a woman’s voice desperately ask if her son is alive. Something crashes. The lights start blinking and you start to follow them towards the kitchen. The phone rings, but the sound is distorted. The volume

PokemonGo in DC: There’s a Subreddit for That

As the online saying goes, “if it exists, there’s a subreddit for it.” PokemonGo is no exception. The mobile game has captured the hearts, minds, and precious time of longtime fans and the general public alike. PokemonGo’s community on the popular message board site Reddit is