The Week in Multimedia – February 13, 2017

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Vox round out our top picks for this week.

The New York Times – A Crack in an Antarctic Ice Shelf Grew 17 Miles in the Last Two Months


This environmental piece from The Times is an effective use of multimedia graphics. Each graphic is easy to read and full of important information about the increasing effects of climate change. The piece combines a use of motion graphics with map-like images to convey the ever changing Antarctic ice shelf.

The Wall Street Journal – Border Adjustment: Explained

By Brian McGill and Richard Rubin

Learn more about the Republican proposed plan on “border adjustment” with these helpful graphics from the Wall Street Journal. The graphics are colorful, creative, and comprehensible, helping you to understand a tax concept novel to the United States.

Vox – Do I have ADHD?

By Dion Lee

Although the title is a bit funky and misleading, this Vox video explains the debate between experts regarding the over and underdiagnosis of ADHD. The video’s clean and sleek graphics, and informative interviews make it an interesting watch for any viewer.

The New York Times – How Beyoncé Could Make Grammy History Tonight


This awards season has also been a season full of graphics. This piece from The Times uses graphs and charts to give a brief history of Grammy record breakers. Although the piece is focused on Queen Bey, it also gives nods to other artists who could be rolling deep in the awards (hint: Adele).

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