The Week in Multimedia – January 30, 2017

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times round out our top picks for this week.

The New York Times – A Ballerina’s Endless Day


The New York Times has been producing high-quality 360 degree videos for a while now, but their Daily 360 series continues to show that they are a leader in the field. This 360 degree video follows a ballerina. It’s a short piece, but it perfectly pulls the viewer into the ballerina’s world without too much fluff.

The Wall Street Journal – Trump, His Children, and 500+ Potential Conflicts of Interest

By Joel Eastwood, Coulter Jones and Julia Wolfe

Follow Trump’s conflicts of interest via this changing graphic from the Wall Street Journal. The graphic itself isn’t overly complex, but the business from the cluttered dots can make it a bit confusing. Use the sidebar captions to better understand the context of the situation.

The Washington Post – 5 challenges Trump may face building a border wall

By Kevin Schaul and Samuel Granados

The Washington Post follows up its visual border series with photos, graphics, and maps that illustrate the challenges of a border wall. The visuals alone are captivating, but their findings based on their previous explorations help to add more to the overall journalism of the piece. Check out the original visual series for some incredible multimedia storytelling from the Post.

The Los Angeles Times – Are the Oscars still #SoWhite? A look at the diversity among this year’s nominees


Want to learn more about the diversity of this year’s Oscar nominees? Just want to know who is nominated? Check out this graphic from the LA Times, which features facts about the present and past diversity of each category.

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